1 Week No Junk Challenge-Day 6


No junk food week IWB1 Week No Junk Challenge-Day 6

Hello all

So we are already on Day 6 and just one day left to go… well, I am getting messages from so many of my friends and old students who have joined us on this challenge about how good are they feeling while on this challenge….one message was really nice which said,

“Ma’am, while being on this challenge it is like I am achieving something real good on a daily basis. It has made me think seriously about mindful eating.”

Here is another student of mine who says,

“Suddenly I am realizing how unknowingly every day we are eating all junk throughout the day. From sugar laced cereals to ketchups, fruit candies to so-called ice lollies made with real fruit juice and not to miss those packed fruit juices, it is a vicious cycle of comfort foods and junk habit forming foods. creams.”  

Well, I feel good and all I have to say here is that we started this challenge with the idea of  making everyone aware of the fact that life is possible without Junk foods also, and if you feel that you were able to survive the healthy way of eating during last few days then we need to thank you all for saying yes to the 1 Week No Junk Challenge, as you have made our and your life as well worth living. 🙂 Keep that promise and do not restart eating junk again.

Oh! in my last post I had promised that I will help you all to walk those 10,000 steps in a day in a planned manner so here we go….

walk 10000 steps a day

  • A 30 minutes of walk on the treadmill or ground is equal to almost two miles that is around 4,000 steps as one mile tends to be about 2,000 steps. Of course, there will be a lot depending on your stride and speed but the deviation won’t be more than 500 steps.
  • Now after you do your half an hour walking you will be left with just 6,000 more steps to go that means around two to three miles more.
  • If you are a working person then it is really easy to cover another 2000 steps during office time. Every time you go to the washroom or take a tea/coffee or water break, take 200 steps in place or walk around a bit, that will be good for your back too. Now I don’t want to repeat the well-known ideas like don’t use lifts but use stairs and walk to the next building etc. We all know that.
  • If you are a homemaker like me then you are at a better place, yesterday I just let my pedometer be in my pocket when I was doing household chores. And you know what after finishing laundry, cooking, picking up milk from the society shop which is almost 100 steps away, dusting the house and making beds I had covered 2600 steps. Now if you are a lady who is just interested in watching TV whole day with a bowl of Bhujia, please get up and get going because you might not be fat or obese like many of us but this constantly sitting is killing you.
  • So now let us do the maths : 30 minutes walk = 4000steps, Household chores or in office = 2000-2500 steps (as discussed), the remaining 4000 steps can be covered while walking back from office or the easiest way is by taking an after dinner 30 minutes walk with your kids and family (I prefer walking alone).

So were those 10,000 steps really that difficult to take? I bet once you start it, you cannot stop at that, slowly you will start increasing your steps, at the rate of 100 each day. Another thing that I have observed is that once you start getting into the habit of walking daily, you start thinking about controlling your eating habits too. Try it to check it. Walking comes with positive side effects. I can vouch for it.

Now before I close that post I need to give you a healthy eating breakfast idea…This is almost a staple breakfast of my college going children, “A Paneer Roti Roll”.

1 week no junk challenge India

  • Make a thin but big roti of multi-grain flour.

  • Spread some desi ghee on top and a lot of thinly chopped cabbage, capsicum slices, tomato, onion and lettuce (if available).

  • In a non-stick pan heat half tsp olive or any oil.

  • Place paneer slices, sprinkle salt, pepper, red chilly powder and some chat masala.

  • Turn over the pieces so that the masala sticks well.

  • Now add these paneer slices to that salad topped roti and roll it like a Kathi Roll.

1 week no junk challenge roti rollSo that was it…end of day 6 of 1 Week No Junk Challenge, but do you think we should start eating junk once again?

Are you going to repeat 1 Week No Junk Challenge?

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