1 Week No Junk Challenge-Day1


1 Week No Junk Challenge-Day1

Heya Everyone,
I am extremely excited about our 1 Week No Junk Challenge. Thank you so much or so much support. Few people were so high about it, that they started the challenge next day onwards, that’s awesome!

I pretty much stay away from junk but its present in so many hidden forms like ketchup, bread, dressings/sauces that sometimes it’s difficult to eliminate them permanently. This week will give me a chance to keep all the culprits at bay

Day 1 Food

Most of you know that I am a working woman, who goes to office every day to earn butter and butter ( remember bread no allowed πŸ˜› ) . Since my maddening life leaves me little free time, I optimize everything including food. Not a lot of cooking in kitchen you see! I use 2-3 ingredients and cover meals of at least 2 days so that I am sorted. I had eggs, cabbage and moong on Day 1 of 1 Week No Junk Challenge.

  • Breakfast – 2 eggs in microwave followed by tea. You can have eggs in all forms – omlette, fried eggs, bhurji , muffins! You can have as much as 6 eggs a day!

poached eggs microwave

  • Lunch – cabbage sabzi with curd. Sometimes I melt cheese on cooked cabbage and it tastes heavenly. You can also have cabbage and eggs together, recipe here.

cabbage india weightloss

  • Dinner – moong salad with cucumber and tomato. I skipped onion simply because I did not want to go overboard with carbs.


  • Snacks – cheese, peanuts, almonds, buttermilk whenever I felt hungry.

I had a glass of hot milk before sleeping. This helps me to sleep better. It also helps to prevent constipation.

Day 2 is pretty much going to be the same, the dishes might change but ingredients won’t πŸ˜›

Day 1 Workout

I walked from a distance to office and counted approximately 2100 steps. I did 50 crunches and Leslie Sansone 2 miles calorie burn walk workout in the evening at the comfort of my home πŸ˜€

Day 1 experience

I felt the urge of putting tomato sauce in my moong salad. I squeezed a lemon in it that saved my day. I was in control without any strong cravings. Sleep was normal. I was quite energetic, may be due to excitement of this challenge πŸ˜‰

Do share your experience when you begin tomorrow. I will be all ears to know the foods that you ate, how you felt, your cravings, difficulties etc. Most interestingly, I will look forward to results in your health, weight and overall well being!

Eat clean , be healthy



Ready for the 1 Week No Junk Challenge?

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  1. i had green smoothie for breakfast, got sambhar and watermelon for lunch , for dinner will make some sald,


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