1 Week No Junk Challenge-Join And Lose Weight


1 Week No Junk Challenge-Join And Lose Weight1 Week No Junk Challenge-Join And Lose Weight

Heya People,

We are so used to ketchup, cold drink, chips, biscuits etc in our life that they have become an inevitable part of our lifestyle. They are a part of junk food and we are extremely dependent on them. Therefore, we thought that we would kick off 1 Week No Junk Challenge. We will not have any junk food for 7 days starting Friday – April 10th, 2015.

I and Kanan have already begun. Every day we would post our progress, foods we ate, energy levels, our workout etc of the previous day. You can also join us and lose weight.

The Rules

cut junk food!

These are a few things you need to take care about-

  • Avoid using Maida in your food. Worst of the foods is Maida and remember if you avoid it for a week you will understand how bad it is. Now that means no cakes, biscuits, breads and other salted goodies like Matthi, Matri etc.
  • When we say Junk, it means just staying away from any and every kind of processed food. Be it packaged foods, ketchups as well as sauces.

Share with us

no to junk food

You need to do a few quick things below in the comments section –

  • Comment below and let us know that you nominate yourself.
  •  You can use an alias name if you wish to.
  • Let us know your progress on our daily posts so that we would know that we need to keep you motivated :):)


Now I and Kanan have taken the challenge of minimum forty minutes of exercise daily. If you too want to join us then include that also in comments below. All you have to do is forty minutes of nonstop exercise..it can be anything from simple walks (as brisk as possible) to swimming or cycling anything you feel good doing.

After Dinner Walk For Weight Loss chart

Do it for Fun!

Now what we are aiming here is a little difference in monotonous life. Join this challenge if you are tired of eating the same kind of food daily. Eat fresh fruits, veggies and healthy for a week. Even if you are not looking for weight loss, it is going to help you develop a better healthy lifestyle resulting in good skin, hair and improved energy levels. So are you game for it?

We have created  1 Week No Junk Challenge event on Facebook. You can join us here.

Are you ready to join 1 week no junk challenge and lose weight?


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