10 Benefits Of Almond Milk In Weight Loss

Benefits Of Almond Milk

10 Benefits of Almond Milk In Weight Loss

Benefits of almonds are well-known to most of us. Eating almonds regularly boosts our health and now there is another way to include almonds in your diet. You can take almond milk. Now don’t make faces if it reminds you of soy-milk. Almond milk is lighter than soy milk as it has lesser calories and fat. Let us talk about Benefits of Almond Milk.

Almond milk is very easy to make at home and comes with a whole lot of benefits.

 benefits of almond milk in weight loss

Benefits Of Almond Milk

Check out how to make almond milk here

Almond Milk Is Low Carb:-

Going on a low carb diet is the best way to lose weight in a healthy way. A single cup of almond milk has just 2 gm carbohydrate. How cool is that! You feel full with a cup and also do not pile on the kilos.

Almond Milk Calorie Count

As we love to count all possible ‘enemies’, calories can never be forgotten. If you drink a cup almond milk your body will gain only 40 calories. It is better than soy milk which packs 100 calories in every cup. Satiating hunger was never this low on calories.

Almond Milk Vegan Friendly:-

Now vegans can have their share of milk without any issues. Almond milk is a milk with no animal content. Its time that our vegan friends get the most of it. Same goes for people with lactose intolerance.

Almond Milk – No Processing:-

Our regular milk goes through a number of processes before filling our glasses. We know that more the processing, lower the nutrition. There is no such issues with homemade almond milk. Always buy almonds with their hard outer shell to get the most out of them. All other types of almonds are devoid of any nutrition as they are processed and their nutrients have been taken out.

Almond Milk Supports Crash Diets:-

Even though we don’t support the crash-diets, almond milk sure does. It suppresses all the cravings with a single cup. But again remember that you will be lacking in many essential nutrients if you decide to ‘crash’.

Almond Milk Lowers Cholesterol:-

If you take almond milk in moderation that means no more than a cup or two daily, your cholesterol levels will be reduced significantly.

Almond Milk Vitamin trove:-

Almonds milk replenishes vitamins A, D and E in your body. These vitamins act as anti oxidants and increase your immunity. You get better sight and stronger bones & teeth.

Almond Milk Omega 3 fatty Acid Rich:-

You do not need to be dependent on fish for omega 3 if you take almonds regularly.

Almond Milk Calcium

One cup almond milk gives you 300 mg calcium. This again is vital for the health of your bones and teeth. Adequate calcium intake prevents osteoporosis and also regulates blood pressure.

Almond Milk High Fibre

Each cup of almond milk comes with almost 1 gm fibre. Now you get milk and also get your fibre content.

 These are some amazing benefits of almond milk which can be taken as regular milk and can also be used in cooking as a substitute for milk. Always take unsweetened almond milk if you want to reap its best benefits.