10 Cancer Symptoms Women Must not Ignore


10 Cancer Symptoms Women Must not Ignore

Ovarian-Cancer fightSince the day we are born we observe so many changes in our body. We women especially see so many apparently visible as well as invisible changes. There are at times a few changes which we do not take seriously and as a result, fall a prey to the most dreaded ailment that is Cancer.

It is important to be aware of anything different happening to your body and health. Today I am going to list a few symptoms which women need to take seriously.

1. Breast 

bra breast cancer

It is a common knowledge that breast lumps mean Cancer but do you know that all breast lumps aren’t cancer? These changes too can be symptoms of cancer.

  • Any kind of a dimple in the skin which you had never observed before.
  • If you see your nipples turned inward.
  • any kind of unreasonable nipple discharge.
  • If your bread skin is scaly and red.

2. Bloating

Most of us find our bodies bloated due to various reasons. we try to justify it by giving reasons like, “It is very hot outside so we drink extra water” “I am having periods” Any kind of bloating is okay for a week or two but if it doesn’t improve then you must visit your doctor.  Constant bloating might be due to ovarian cancer.

3. After Period Spotting

scanty periods

If your periods are over or you have just gone through menopause and still after a gap you observe some spotting, it might be cancer of the lining of your uterus also known as endometrial cancer.

4. Blood in Urine or Stool

If you’re bleeding from a part of your body that normally doesn’t, can be a signal for something not going right, like when you see a bloody stool or bloody urine. Common belief is that a bloody stool means hemorrhoids, but keep in mind that it can also be colon cancer. Similarly bloody urine is usually the first sign of cancer of the bladder or kidneys.

5. Swelling in Lymph Nodes

Lymph node

Lymph nodes, which are small bean-shaped glands around the body get very quickly affected with common infections. Any kind of swelling of Lymph nodes might be due to some cancers like leukemia and lymphoma. Be careful about the lymph nodes’ swelling. Any swelling in these nodes for more than a month must be taken seriously. And yes a fever that doesn’t go away and can’t be explained could mean leukemia or another blood cancer.

 6. Problem in Swallowing

Sometimes we get an infection in the throat and find it difficult to swallow anything. If this happens often, especially with vomiting or weight loss, you might be suffering from throat or stomach cancer.

7. Weight Loss Without Trying

ready for weight loss success

If you have always been praying for weight loss without any effort then you must stop right away because if your wish is granted and you lose 10 pounds or more without a change in your diet or any exercise then it could be a signal of a problem.

Though most of the times unintended weight loss is not cancer yet it can be a sign of pancreatic cancer, Stomach and lung cancers.

8. Heartburn

Heartburn is caused by over indulging in food, alcohol, or even stress.   Heartburn that doesn’t go away even after a change in diet or keeps getting worse could mean cancer of the stomach, throat, or ovaries.

9. Fatigue


 Most of the women feel fatigue as they lead hectic lives. But if there is extreme tiredness that won’t go away then it isn’t normal.

Fatigue with other symptoms like blood in stool might be a sign of some kind of cancer.

10. Pain and Depression

Initial stages of cancer cannot be linked with Cancer but an ongoing pain might be a signal of bone, brain, or other cancers. Any unexplained belly pain that lasts a month or longer along with  depression can be a sign of cancer especially pancreatic cancer.

Are you ignoring the 10 Cancer symptoms that women must not Ignore?

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