10 Meditation Myths Busted


10 Meditation Myths Busted

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There are many people who have certain misconceptions regarding meditation. This post aims at busting all those myths.

Myth no 1 : Meditation is Concentration

Truth: The opposite of this is true. Meditation is de-concentration. Meditation is complete relaxation of mind. It is letting go, when you let go of the things running in your mind you enter into a state of deep rest. Concentration is one of the benefits of meditation. When the mind is completely relaxed one can concentrate better.

Myth no 2: Meditation is a religious practice

Truth: Meditation transcends all religions. You can be of any religion and still do meditation. In fact it brings religions and faiths together.


Myth no 3: You must sit in lotus posture to meditate

Truth: While meditating it is essential to be comfortable and steady. So, you can either sit cross-legged or on a chair/sofa. It is perfectly fine. For us Indians this should be a problem as we can sit on the floor cross legged very easily 😉 When you happen to start your meditation, you should be maintaining a good posture and keep the spine erect with the head, neck and shoulders relaxed.

Myth no 4: Meditation is for the elderly

Truth: Meditation is for all age groups. It can be started at the age of 8 or 9. In fact youngsters above 20 years of age need to do meditation to de-stress as they have a lot of work pressure on them. Many young students have found meditation to be very beneficial.

meditation-for fitness

Myth no 5: Meditation is like hypnotizing oneself

Truth: Actually meditation is an antidote for hypnosis. In hypnosis, the individual is unaware of what he or she is going through. On the other hand, while meditating one is aware of each and every moment. Meditation and hypnosis are total opposites. Also those who do pranayama and meditation regularly cannot be hypnotized with ease.

Myth no 6: You control thoughts in meditation

Truth: Thoughts come by themselves. We are aware of them only when they arrive. Thoughts come and go on their own. Controlling thoughts requires effort but the key to a relaxed mind is effortlessness. While meditating one does not crave for good thoughts or push away bad thoughts. One simply let the thoughts come and then slowly transcend them and enter deep inner silent space.

Pranic Healing meditation

Myth no 7: Meditation is like running away from problems

Truth: Instead of running making one run away from problems, meditation helps in facing them with a smile. It helps in making people capable of handling situations better. It increases self-esteem and inner strength.

Myth no 8: You need hours for deep meditation

Truth: You need not sit for hours to enter the deep state of meditation. You can connect with your inner self in a fraction of a second. A 20 minute session in the morning and evening is all what you need. Doing meditation everyday will improve its quality.

Myth no 9: Meditation will turn you into a Sanyasi

Truth: This one is unbelievable I tell you!! You need not give up material life to do meditation. You won’t turn into a sanyasi!! Your mind will only become more peaceful and relaxed. It make you live happily and that happiness will spread around you, benefiting family and friends.

practice meditation

Myth no 10: Meditation can be done at certain times facing few directions

Truth: You can do meditation at any time and in all directions. You should only ensure that your stomach is not full or else you may fall asleep. It is a good practice to do meditation during sunrise and sunset. It will help in keeping you calm throughout the day.

10 Meditation Myths Busted!!! Were you clouded with the above misconceptions?

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