10 Must Have Yoga Accessories


10 Must Have Yoga Accessories

Yoga as the best workout I have known in my life needs some assistances to make us get better results from it. So the famous yoga master iyengar said about few accessories that we may need for the purpose. No everyone is blessed with good bodies and some need help to get the maximum benefits of any workout. Even this technique makes everyday yoga colourful for us too. So let’s see some good ones.

10 Must Have Yoga Accessories

1. Mat

I think you might have already guessed this one. Yoga mat is a must for any yoga practitioner. I myself recommend and make sure your mat is big enough and that is has good hold on your tiles so that you won’t slide off. They are perfect for lying down exercises. Always keep your body completely in the mat. If your legs are outside and you are attempting a dog pose, the legs will give force and you will slip and have the worst injury possible.

2. Socks

Now if you don’t want a mat or travelling to somewhere…yoga socks are best for you.  They help protect your feet really well.

3. Strap

This is the one which will help you stretching better. A 6 inch one if you are short or an 8 inch one if you are tall, will be best. Yoga sometimes needs really good stretches for asanas like the naukasana…or chakrasana.

must have yoga accessories

4. Block

Yoga blocks help you in balance while performing asana like trikonasana. Especially these support your hands and weight. They come in standard sizes and made of a variety of materials. If the initial stage has sitting position use a softer block made of foam and if you need a heavy one use a wooden block.

must have yoga accessories block

 5. Pillows

If you have any injuries or suffering with pains and your yoga is restricted, then pillows are your army. And pregnant women definitely need these ones. You can do meditation, sitting poses, poses which have pressure on your feet like vajrasana…Wow it’s very painful right…They have shaped pillows to give support to your head if you are putting pressure on it during sirshasana and even for your knees for better support and painless experience.

6. Blanket

These are larger in size and are especially designed for good absorption of traction during bikram yoga and such. They even absorb sweat since power yoga involves steam and keeps you hygienic. They are also known as yoga towels.

must have yoga accessories mat

7.  Bolster

They are just like pillows but better in aid.

8. Meditation Chair

Again this is very good for people who have limitations in using a straight back like pregnant women. Excellent for a soothing meditation experience.

must have yoga accessories weight loss

9. Ball:

This should be used only if you are good on your feet. They are used to sit, lean against and for support. The abdominal area is very affected during using this and tummy fat burns most. Never try a yoga ball unless confident with your balance. They should be resistant to weight fluctuations and to avoid incidents.

10. Water Bottle

This is obvious for any workout. Hydration is a main thing to keep you loosing the most important thing in our body.

Well now get up and grab your army 🙂

What is your most used Yoga Accessory ?