10 Simple Exercises For Slimming And Toning Your Face


10 Simple Exercises For Slimming And Toning Your Face

Hi Lovely Ladies,

How are you all doing? I know I’ve been away for too long, But yes I am back 😀 And this time it is something really interesting… 10 simple exercises for slimming and toning your face.

Let me tell you a story, when I first started working out for losing weight, my face muscles were highly affected. My gym instructor used to pester me to take care of my face muscles, but did I listen? No. After few months, I understood the effect of weight loss on the face and started to work on them. I learned the hard way, why should you?? Read my weight loss story here.

So here I am listing down few exercises for face and neck muscles which gives us a youthful appearance. The extra oxygen generated during these helps in flushing out the toxins which are responsible for under eye dark circles. Toned muscles also help in lifting the face, creating a firmer jaw line and filling out hollowed cheeks. The icing on the cake is, these exercises also help in stress reduction, and provides relaxation after a stressful day.

Before using the below techniques, few steps need to be followed, your face should be washed thoroughly and hair should be pulled away from your face. Sit in a relaxed position and take slow, deep breaths before and after facial exercises for relaxation.

10 Simple Exercises For Slimming And Toning Your Face

Exercise 1

squeeze skin near eye
Pinch your face using your thumb along with your index finger, grab small folds of your skin from random areas all over your face. Squeeze gently and release these folds. This helps in stimulating circulation of blood and wakes up your face. This can be done for a minute or two.

Exercise 2

10 Simple Exercises For Slimming And Toning Your Face (2)
This exercise is similar to chewing; you should open and close your mouth in the way you chew food naturally for about a minute. You should then try to chew in the opposite direction. This exercise helps to stretch the jaw muscles and chin muscles.

Exercise 3

This simple exercise will work on the Muscle around your mouth, cheekbones and Muscle on either side of mouth. Close your mouth pressing your lips together and blow air under your upper lip and then transfer the air to your left cheek and then to the right cheek. Hold for 30 seconds at each step. Repeat this for about 10-15 times.

Exercise 4

This can be used in reducing chubbiness and toning facial muscles. Inhale air deeply with your mouth. Transfer the air from one side of the cheek to another as if you are swishing mouthwash inside your mouth.  This is similar to exercise 4, but is done at a faster speed.

Exercise 5

I read it somewhere that this exercise is called the ‘Smiling fish face’. Suck in your cheeks and lips to make a fish face and try smiling. Hold on for 5-10 seconds and repeat for another 5 times. More reasons to take selfies with a pout 😀

Exercise 6

Lift your face upwards and look towards the ceiling as much as you can and blow air out of your mouth. This exercise will firm your jaw lines and will also tone down cheeks making it leaner.

Exercise 7

Place your index and middle finger over the cheekbones. Pull the skin over your cheekbones to the eye. Open your mouth to form a long, oval shape. Hold for some 10 seconds and release your cheekbone skin. Relax and try again.

Exercise 8

Open your eyes wide and lift up your brows and focus at a point before you. Hold for 10 seconds; don’t let your brows wrinkle. Repeat five times more.

Exercise 9

Place your index fingers on either side of your eyes and the thumbs on both sides of your mouth. Pull the skin upwards with your fingers so as to feel a stretch on the muscles. Relax and repeat again.

Exercise 10


This one is dedicated to cheeks. Tighten the cheek muscles by smiling as widely as you possibly can. Then hold on to this position for a few seconds and relax. Do it nearly 15-20 times a day regularly.

In this exercise, you are warming down by rubbing your hands together quickly and then placing them on your face while breathing deeply. Repeat this for 4-5 times

Don’t forget to relax before and after the exercises. Try out the exercises and let me know the results. Let’s win this together! 😀

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