10 Things Every Woman Must Know


10 Things Every Woman Must Know

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Women take a lot of things for granted when it comes to health and well being. Here are certain things that all women should be aware of:

1) Taking care of yourself is not being selfish

Two Women ExercisingJust think of an average woman. She works the entire day to look after the house. A woman is the main caregiver in our society and is quite often overloaded with duties and responsibilities. They usually feel guilty about taking care of themselves. And what falls in this category of self care? Exercising, meditating, going for health screening, getting a massage done or catching up with much needed sleep. You think women should deprive themselves of this basic self care?

2) Your choices are more than the birth control pill

A birth control pill should be your last resort as it will change your hormonal balance. It is essential to get educated on what effects the oral contraceptive pill can have on you before you start using them on a regular basis. People are unaware of the risks of birth control.

3) Your bodies will change after puberty, pregnancy and menopause

It is but natural for women to experience changes during hormone transitions. Certain health conditions can also emerge along with the changes. You should pay attention to the changes but most often the changes are just normal.

4) Health cannot be measured in numbers

7 Weight Loss Myths and Facts weighing scale

You cannot measure health by your blood pressure reading, lab reports or your weight on the weighing scale. People have started relying too much on numbers these days. Weight loss has become an obsession. Women think that being thin is better. They end up feeling dejected and depressed if they don’t get the right NUMBER on the scale.

5) Cosmetics can be harmful

toxins in cosmeticsWomen spend a fortune on cosmetics just to look good. Cosmetics are known to have several toxic ingredients in them!

6) Heart attacks top the list of diseases that kill women

Heart attacks are known to kill more number of women than cancer does. Heart disease is thought of as a male problem because more men have heart attacks than women. But do you know that when a woman has a heart attack, the risk of her dying of it is more? Symptoms of heart attack may be different in women that include shortness of breath, jaw pain. So, don’t wait for signs like chest pain and get treatment immediately.

7) Women are prone to anxiety, insomnia and depression

Depressed Woman prevent depression naturallyThe chances of a woman suffering from depression are twice than that of a man! Women are vulnerable to mood disorders during hormonal transitions.

8) Take active part in preventing cancer

breast-cancer alcohol and smokingCancer can be prevented by saying no to smoking and drinking alcohol. The risk of liver and breast cancer increases with the quantity of the alcohol consumed and the duration for which it was been consumed.

There is another way by which cancer can be prevented, by going to regular cancer screenings. Practicing safe sex is also a way to prevent cancer. Also be aware of your family history of cancer.

9) Women are living longer than men

Isn’t that great!! Women are living longer than men. The life expectancy has widened by 5 years. So, if you are going to live more you better take good care of yourself now to be able to live to the fullest.

10) Healthy food is stronger than medicine

Food And Moves For Healthy Eyes 1The best way to get the optimal health is by bringing in diet and lifestyle changes. Your diet can help you cure yourself of your illness. Food has the power of healing. In the next 50 years, if we do nothing but updating our food habits, we can reverse high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes and heart trouble.

My request to all the women- take good care of yourself in every aspect!

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