10 Things To Do Now To Be Healthy Later In Life


10 things to do now to be healthy later in life

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This post is specially meant for the people in their 20s. Give me a hi-five as I too fall in that category 🙂 People I their 20s are all healthy and vibrant with a carefree attitude towards life. Have you ever thought that you will grow old too? In order to make your later life better you should utilize this ‘carefree’ decade of your life properly.

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Here are 10 things you should do now to ensure a healthy life ahead.

1. Protect and care for your skin every day.

The Sun can really affect your skin and you will know that only later in life. Using sunscreens in your 20s will prevent cancers of the skin and at the same time prevent wrinkles. Yes, sunscreen usage now can reap benefits later! Use at least a sunscreen with SPF 15. Start a skin care routine too. Make it a point to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin every day. This will help keep your skin’s glow and youth intact.

2. Eat at least 6 servings of fruits and veggies every day.

Make sure you eat healthy right from the beginning. You should try your best to have 6 servings of fresh fruits and veggies each day. Keep your plate colourful as more colourful fruits mean more antioxidants. These antioxidants will go a long way in protecting your heart later in life.

3. Start exercising.

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Being in your 20s means that your body’s metabolism is at its peak. Actually, not exercising now will not make an immediate difference to the body. But, as age increases, the body’s metabolism will begin to slow down. The only way out is to exercising now.

4. Get a medical checkup every year.

If you get a medical check-up once in a year, you can prevent diseases like diabetes, high BP, high cholesterol and heart disease later in life because you have time in hand to correct problems in your body. Visit your doctor and tell your existing health issues this is basically to prevent serious illnesses later.

5. See a gynecologist/urologist.

The young women should see a gynecologist. Do you know that cervical cancer kills 3,00,000 women each year? The sad part is that it is preventable. So, it is advisable that you go for a check-up.

Young men should also pay a visit to the urologist. Don’t ignore abnormal changes in urine as they could be signs of infection or bladder/kidney cancer. The genital organs also need to be paid attention in order prevent/detect cancer earlier.

6. Have an ECG done.

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Now you would say that I am not that old to get an ECG done! It is a wrong notion. It can help identify if there is any current problem with your heart. Start from your 20s and keep getting checked after every 5 years even if everything is fine.

7. Check your childhood immunizations.

Do check if all your vaccinations have been done. Usually there is a medical card that that records your vaccinations right from your birth. It is better to verify it and make sure you have been protected against life threatening diseases.

8. Get some sleep.

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Young people have this habit to stay awake late at night and watch movies or play games. This results in insufficient sleep. It is good to develop good sleeping habits early in life so that your body gets used to the healthy sleeping routine. As one ages, falling asleep becomes difficult.

9. Practice stress reduction.

Life actually starts in the 20s. You build a career and get married. Dealing with jobs and relationships can add stress to your life. It won’t go by itself. You need to throw it out of life by practicing meditation, Yoga, sports, walking etc. It can be anything that relaxes you. As age advances stress can adversely affect the immune system and make you sick.

10. Have a bit of fun!

Make sure you have moments of joy in your life. Laugh and smile every day. After all, what is life without happiness?

Stay young and stay happy!!

Make sure to incorporate the above points in your life to lead a healthy life later!

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