10K Run Plan For Beginners-Join me

c210k app review

10K Run Plan For Beginners-Join me

Hello Fitness freaks,

I have a news to share with you.Yes! I am not pregnant again 😛 but I am planning to take part in Half marathon which is going to held in Delhi in November this year.You can just Google for more details about the Marathon if you are keen on it.As far as I am concerned I do have plans to join it although I keep doubting myself  but I have made up my mind now.

Also, I may add a little about my running here as I am not a runner at all and never relied on running for remaining fit. But yes Fitness related activities inspire me a lot and that is when I decide to try running too after our Fitness Team Member Kanan took part in one such event! Well, being in the 40’s she did take part in the Marathon and that’s when I decided to go for it!

Well, you don’t run at random in a Marathon especially if you haven’t done so in the past. I am practising for the upcoming Marathon since 3 weeks and I can clearly say that yes it is not that easy. There were days when my legs ached even though I did practice stretching after every run and took my supplements as well.

Usually mornings are busy with my family & a toddler daughter so when I didn’t take out time early in the morning, I hesitated initially to run at night in my society. But after initial resistance, I started doing it regularly and really like it when my society people smile & nod to appreciate my efforts in running.

Running at night has been really rewarding for me in these past few weeks as I have my dinner early because of the run, which is very rare. Also, this body workout ensures that I get a good night’s sleep.

Well, all of this has never been a cake’s walk so far as my work demands most of my time & there is my toddler daughter who equally deserve my time however busy things are. But yes, when I complete my goals every week and share it on Facebook, the feeling is just superb as if the hard work gets paid off!

half marathon prepeartion november

So, this is my Day 1 of 3rd week and I just thought of sharing it with my fitness freak friends to join me in this. I would say that you all should download the C25K running app  or C210k if you are little more confident about yourself.App  has been reviewed by our fitness team member Kanan here.

As I proceed my running, I will be sharing my latest accomplishments, struggles & challenges every week. If you are a non-runner like me and want to include running as a quintessential part of your fitness regime, join me and keep commenting. If not achieving at least you can try it once because life without anything to try or a goal to achieve is nothing.

c210k app review

As I have already shared that I was a non-runner before but I have made up my mind to try this and see how far can I go! Well, 10k still looks to be a distant dream for me but I am not someone to give up easily! It is certainly very tiring sometimes but with the help of this Fitness blog with so many fitness enthusiasts as team members & readers, I will make sure to attempt this and give my cent percent .

All it takes is strong will power to achieve hard results but your motivation is what I am looking forward to which will make me to try till last and keep me going!

So what are you thoughts about running! Are you with me to  get fit and trained in 10k running ?

I will be sharing my weekly progress to keep you guys updated 🙂 . Hopefully I will lose some weight as well  ..(Keeping finger crossed)

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