11 Reasons For Being Unable To Lose Belly Fat


11 Reasons For Being Unable To Lose Belly Fat

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Have you been going to the gym regularly? Good. But you are not able to lose the fat from your belly. Wondering where you have gone wrong? Don’t worry help is at hand. Here is a list of the possible reasons why you’re not losing belly fat.

1. Getting older

old women- gaining weight with age

As you age you experience a decline in the rate of the body’s metabolism. It happens to both men and women. Women also have to face menopause, and if they gain weight after menopause it is mostly on their bellies. So, the age factor is preventing the loss of belly fat.

2. Doing a wrong workout

It is good to sweat it out at the gym but are you doing the right workout? Doing just cardio workouts won’t help in reducing belly fat. It must be combined with weight/strength training. By doing strength training your muscle mass will increase. Calories are burnt more by muscles rather than fat. Having more muscles in your body will help you burn more calories!

3. Consuming too many processed foods

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Putting too much processed stuff into your system? Hmm, perhaps that is why your belly fat doesn’t seem to budge. Eating processed food will hamper your belly fat reducing ability. If you eat fresh fruits, veggies and whole grains you will have more antioxidants in your system preventing belly fat.

4. Consuming the wrong fats

If you consume high amounts of saturated fat (found in meat and dairy) it might result in more belly fat. On the contrary, if you eat monounsaturated fats ( found in olive oil and avocados) and omega-3s your body will be benefited as these fats have an anti-inflammatory effect. But you need to eat fats (even healthy fats) cautiously as they are high in calories and can increase your weight. Moderation is the key!!

5. Workout isn’t challenging

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Your workout needs to be more challenging. It has been found in a study that doing a high intensity workout will help you lose belly fat. With a high intensity workout you will burn more calories in less time. Sounds luring, right? So, give up on low intensity work outs and embrace workouts of high intensity!

6. Doing the wrong exercises

It is not possible to do spot reduction. Even if you keep doing crunches the whole day it would not help. Try doing functional exercises that use your core muscles. Such exercises involving the muscles help in burning the calories at a higher rate.

7. Stress

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Work pressure, family problems…. Stress never seems to leave us! To add to your woes it would be difficult to lose weight if you are under stress. Thanks to the stress hormone ‘cortisol’, it increases the amount of fat in your body. Having higher levels of this stress hormone is linked to having more belly fat. The way out is to try out methods to de-stress yourself.

8. Insufficient sleep

It has been found in a study that if you sleep for less than five hours a night, the chances of gaining weight are more. On an average it is advisable for an adult to sleep for seven hours a day at least.

9. You are apple shaped

If your body tends to pile on weight around your middle rather than your thighs and hips it means that you are apple shaped. This condition makes losing weight difficult but it isn’t impossible. It would be a better idea to consult your doctor.

10. You have PCOS

If you have PCOS, losing weight would be difficult. The best option is to consult a doctor.

11. You are not motivated

Reducing belly fat is not a joke by any means. You need to have a proper rater strict diet and you have to do high intensity workouts. For all this there needs to be a deep-rooted belief and motivation to achieve the goal. If you lack this feeling, it will be difficult for you to lose weight.

Can you relate to the 11 reasons for being unable to lose belly fat?

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