11 Tips To Overcome Binge Eating

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11 Tips To Overcome Binge Eating

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Binge eating comprises of episodes of uncontrollable eating. During such binges, a person speedily consumes an excessive quantity of food. After such binging, people tend to feel ashamed and guilty. It can be a disorder. But you can have the tendency to binge on particular foods occasionally too. Without much ado let me provide you with some tips to overcome this tendency.

11 Tips To Overcome Binge Eating

11 Tips To Overcome Binge Eating

1.Identify situations that trigger binge eating

At times binge eating is situational. It is best to find out what kinds of situations can cause you to start binging. Zero in on the situations that trigger emotional overeating and find an exit plan for each situation. For example if you can’t resist munching on something while watching a movie, snack on some low calorie snack.

2.Avoid get-togethers that focus on food     

When you meet and socialize people try not to focus on food and get into activities like jogging at the park, cycling, and having long walks with your friends.

3.Control yourself while dining out

We all know that eating out can lure you to eat more 😉 What can you do? Here, will power comes to play. Choose healthier options from the menu and be the first one to order so that you don’t get influenced by others’ orders.

4.Eat low calories before high calories

Fill yourself up with foods that are low in calories. Eating fruits and vegetables first will keep your tummy full and you will indulge less in the delicious high fat food that also has lots of calories.

5.Avoid temptation

Stock up your kitchen shelves with healthy snacks. When you don’t have unhealthy food at home you won’t end up binging on it. Also buy single serving packs so that you don’t eat large proportions of food.

6.Mindful eating

Try eating at the dining table and in not front of the TV. Savour each bite consciously and slowly. This is called mindful eating where the colour, taste and texture of the food are felt closely. By doing so you will know exactly when you are full and you won’t overeat.

7.Have several small meals in a day

Dividing your main meals into smaller more frequent meals helps keeping excessive hunger at bay. At the same time it keeps energy high and blood sugar levels stable.

8.Eat something before the party

Don’t go to a party or dinner hungry. Have some fruits or a glass of milk so that it suppresses your appetite. This will prevent overindulgence at the party.

9. Control snacking with TV viewing

While watching TV, the girls can keep their hands busy by knitting or applying nail paint (if you can’t knit, like me 😉 ). You can do almost anything that shall keep your hands occupied. This ensures that your chances of binge eating are lesser while watching TV.

10. Keep working out


Regular workout reduces overeating most probably because your mood is good and you don’t need to go to your comfort foods. Exercising also ensures a better lifestyle.

11.Don’t seek food as a stress buster          

At times certain emotions trigger binge eating. You might find comfort in eating a particular type of food. Instead of giving in to the temptation you must learn to divert your mind to other activities that also can prove to be a frustration letting outlet. Such activities can be meditation, a workout or speaking to a friend.

Hope you found these tips useful about controlling binge eating !