13 Lesser Known Causes Of Dehydration


13 Lesser known causes of dehydration

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Water is the elixir of life. Do you know that our body comprises of 60% water? Even if you lose 1.5% of water, it is mild dehydration. It can bring both your mood and energy levels down.

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Here are a few little known causes of dehydration and ways to prevent them.

1. Stress

When you are stressed out, the adrenal glands in the body release stress hormones. A hormone called ‘aldosterone’ is also released by the glands which regulates the levels of fluid and electrolytes in the body. When you are under constant stress, it can make these glands release more stress hormones and later get totally exhausted, unable to produce sufficient aldosterone. This results in dehydration.

When under stress keep taking fluids. For long term relief sort out situations that trigger stress.

2. Low-carb diets

If you eliminate carbs from your diet you would lose a few kilos. No need to rejoice as it is not a good news for your body’s hydration. What you have lost is just water weight. This is because carbs are stored in the body with fluids.

Eat oatmeal, brown rice and whole wheat pasta as they soak in a lot of water when cooked. They can increase the level of hydration in the body.

3. Diabetes

Diabetes patients are at increased risk for dehydration. High sugar levels in the blood make the body to get rid of the excess glucose by increasing urination.

Consult your doctor to control your sugar levels.

4. Periods

Drink more water when you have your periods. The female hormones, estrogen and progesterone have an influence on the hydration levels of the body. Some women have a heavy flow and this affects their fluid levels.

Keep yourself well hydrated girls. If your flow is very heavy then consult your gynecologist.

5. Consuming medicines

If you are on medication, make sure you check the list of possible side effects. Certain medicines like the one for blood pressure increase urination and can cause dehydration.

Increase your intake of fluids.

6. Irritable bowel syndrome

People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome are prone to dehydration. Such people might exclude certain foods that trigger the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. They can be missing out on fluid rich food and adding to the dehydration woes.

7. Breastfeeding

When a women breast-feeds, water along with proteins, minerals, electrolytes move from her body to the baby’s body. This can affect the hydration levels. So, nursing women should keep themselves well hydrated.

8. Exercising

causes of dehydration

You lose water when you do any kind of workout. This is a no brainer as any activity that makes you sweat will make you lose water. So, you need to keep yourself well hydrated during and after a workout.

9. Pregnancy

Pregnant women face nausea and vomiting that can affect the hydration levels. Also, their total blood volume and cardiac output increases thus increasing their fluid needs.

If you are suffering from too much of morning sickness consult your gynecologist.

10. Aging

With age, the sensation of thirst declines and the body is not that efficient to conserve water. It becomes easy for the elderly to become dehydrated.

It would be advisable to keep a bottle of water close so that you don’t forget.

11. High altitudes

Travelling to higher altitudes makes your body speed up your breathing and increases urination. This is done for the body to get accustomed to the altitude and the oxygen levels but it can cause dehydration.

12. Drinking alcohol

Alcohol consumption can deplete your fluid levels. That is because you will visit the washroom frequently. Urination increases when you drink alcohol thus lowering the hydration levels of the body. It need not be over the top drinking, even well behaved drinking can deplete the body’s fluid levels.

13. Eating too few fruits and vegetables

Fruits and veggies can provide you with sufficient fluids. Having at least half a plate of fruits and veggies with your meals can add up to two cups of water to your body’s fluid level. On the other hand if you are not eating sufficient fruits and veggies, you can get dehydrated.

You can compensate by consuming more water.

Hope you found this article useful!

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