14 Reasons Behind Weight Loss Plateau


14 Reasons Behind Weight Loss Plateau

So people! you are eating healthy and are on a low carb diet. Initially you lost oodles and now you just don’t seem to knock off a little remaining. This thing is perfectly normal so you don’t need to hit the panic button. Let us learn more about 14 Reasons Behind Weight Loss Plateau

Here are some reasons that may be responsible for your stagnant weight-

1- Fat and weight are two different things

So there is every possibility that you are burning fat and gaining muscles. It mean that fat is decreasing and lean body mass is increasing. Just don’t keep checking your weight all the time. There are better ways to check your progress. The simplest is to try your fitted cl0thes. If they are loose, you are thinner. Alternatively you can get your Body Fat Percentage measured.

14 Reasons Behind Weight Loss Plateau

2- Stress is the enemy of a healthy body

If you are not emotionally well, then your body is bound to suffer. If you are always under stress then your hormonal balance will be disturbed and hunger levels will shoot up.

3- Some bodies are more sensitive to carbs

Its true that you are on a low carbohydrate diet but low does not mean zero. In carb-sensitive people weight loss plateau occurs frequently. If you feel that even after doing all the right things, your weight is not coming down then you may need to cut down your carb intake. Try taking it down to 50 grams per day.

4- Don’t be a nutcase 😛

We all love nuts but too many nuts mean too many fats. Even though nuts are healthy, excessive consumption is bad. Try to cut down on nuts or stop eating them altogether.

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5- Stop eating processed foods even the ones that say ‘low carb’

Include foods like fish, eggs and vegetables with good fats in your diet. Processed diet items should be taken rarely. It is better to take some good fats along with protein when you are on a low carb diet.

6- Sleeping for 7-8 hours daily is essential if you really want to see results of your efforts.

Lack of sleep will make you hungry and tired. As a result you will end up eating more than needed.

7- Cut down your consumption of dairy products.

Too much dairy can interfere with your metabolism. It is good if you can stop taking dairy products but if you have to then take only butter as it has low proteins and does not harm your metabolism.

8- Do some exercise

Your diet will not work in absence of physical activity. Do whatever you can but make exercising your routine.

9- You have cut down sugars

But if you have not cut down on sweets in form of artificial sweeteners, then your appetite may increase. Use sweeteners very rarely and eliminate them from your diet if you can.

10- If you believe in taking many small meals at regular intervals

then it may affect your weight loss. It is better to do intermittent fasting rather than intermittent eating.

11– We love to reward ourselves with cheat meals

when we are able to stick to a particular diet for long. Cheat meals can ruin all the good effects of a low carb diet. Stop the cheat meals or restrict them to minimal. Results will be much better and faster.

12- Set realistic weight loss goals

for yourself. This point is very important and is repeated umpteen times. Don’t aim to loose 5 kilograms in a week. Some of your friends may have achieved this goal but remember that every has varying metabolic rates.

13- Include some good calories in your diet.

Surely you have lost weight with low calorie diet but now your body is habitual to that. Eat more calories (the good ones) for a certain duration and then get back to your earlier low carb diet. This will rev up your metabolism and you will be able to lose more weight.

14- If you seem unable to knock of more weight then undergo a health check-up.

You may be suffering from some medical issue like hypothyroidism that can interfere with your weight loss. So go get your thyroid tests done regularly. Do you have any other reason to add for weight loss plateau?