2 Day Post Diwali Detox Plan-Day 2


2 Day Post Diwali Detox Plan-Day 2

Diwali Detox ChallengeHiiii Everyone, How was your Day 1? 😀

I am sure some of you must have got headaches and feeling hungry too. Here I have just one thing to say that our stomach is the size of our fist and we need only that much food at one time to fill it up. Now you can very well imagine how much we have been stuffing our stomachs with all kinds of food items, making it into a huge “Junk Yard”. Be merciful to your stomach and fill it up only with healthy nutritious food that is needed.

So are you all ready for the second plan? Yes, I heard a loud YES again…  😀

Today I have arranged for yummy salads and soups for you. You might need some preparations to be done beforehand so that you have food ready in hand when you need some.

Let us begin the day.

Early Morning

Today I am going to give a kick to your metabolism really hard. Guess what? You need to start your day with a glass of warm water with one lime’s juice and half tsp Cayenne pepper. Take a look at the picture and you will realise why I wanted to kick hard your metabolism. 😛 cayanne pepper

Now don’t worry, I am not going to tell you to chew on these red chillies early in the morning. I want you to wake up to a cup of warm water with lemon and 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper added to it.

cayanne pepper lime water

After you gulp this up you can go on drinking your regular water. Remember you have to drink minimum 3-4 litres of water today.

Walkout or Workout

Walk for half an hour in the morning and half an hour at night after dinner. Today being the second day you can increase your walk time that much. Those who do Yoga regularly can keep doing that in the morning. Here is a chart for you to know how much can you burn per minute by walking.

After Dinner Walk For Weight Loss chart

After workout, go for an apple or a guava. After fruit you can have a cup of green tea with or without lemon.

Breakfast (8-9 am)

Like yesterday breakfast will be a smoothie.

Breakfast Smoothie


  • One round of medium size Papaya or Pineapple

  • Half Banana (it’s better to freeze banana slices to use in smoothies and thickies)

  • One cup strong green tea

  • One orange (Take out seeds)

  • One carrot sliced

  • Half apple chopped

  • Four tbsp low fat plain yogurt/curd

  • A tbsp flax seeds

  • Stevia if you like sweetness in the morning, otherwise without it too the fruits will provide enough sweetness to this smoothie.


Blend all of the above together till smooth. add crushed ice then blend again. If you are scared for your throat going sour then avoid ice.pineapple smoothie flavour point dietpineapple smoothie flavour point diet

This recipe yields 2 servings which you can have after a gap of one hour. Those who are trying to avoid caffeine may double the quantity and have during snack time also. Do not add any packaged juice as it is full of sugar.

You can have a bowl of raw vegetables like cucumber, carrots, red and yellow sweet peppers ready with you just in case you feel like munching on something.

Snack (11 am)

Coffee is again a big no-no today. Have green tea as much as you want but no sugar. Add lemon and black salt, it tastes great.

Have a 50 gm pack of curd with one apple or a slice of papaya finely chopped and added to it. You can mix both fruits (half apple and half slice papaya) together and mix with curd.

apple curd

This is one snack that I can die for. If needed add a sprinkle of Stevia to it with some flax seeds for adding a bit of good fat.

Lunch (1 pm)

Lettuce Wraps Recipe

  • lettuce wrapsWraps are wonderful options for everyone who is on a diet or a detox. These are the easiest to make kinds of recipes.
  • Just wash lettuce leaves individually.
  • Blanch for a few seconds in boiling water for a few seconds then again dip in ice cold water.
  • Pat dry and fill in anything you wish to eat with them.
  • For today’s detox, I have selected paneer cubes, chopped tomato, grated carrots, onion strings, bell peppers and chaat masala.
  • Just mix all these filling ingredients well and wrap and roll in lettuce leaves.lettuce paneer wraps
  • If you are not able to find lettuce leaves, go for cabbage leaves, the inner softer ones are wonderful substitutes for lettuce.

Snack (3-4 pm)

watermelon smoothie no junk challenge

In the evening between 3-4 pm have a bowl of watermelon or sun melon. Watermelon smoothie is a nice way to refresh in the evening. You can make in the morning and carry in a spill-proof tumbler to the office. Just give a shake to the glass and enjoy the goodness of fruits.

Have a cup of green tea or a glass of buttermilk after a while.


Dinner can be a nice soup and some great salad made with Mung sprouts. (Recipe here)


Here are a few salads which can be easily made in a jiffy. Winter Salad Recipe here.

Winter salad with beet vinegar

Find some more salad recipes here and here.

Sweet Beetroot & Carrot Salad To Fight Cold & Cough This Winter final

As far as soups are concerned you can detox with any clear soup. Try not to strain off the fiber. Here are a few soup recipes.

Super Easy Broccoli and Mushroom Soup 7

Brocolli soup recipe and cabbage soup recipe here.

cabbage soup 1

If you want more healthy recipes please go to search section on the right upper side of this blog and search for specific ingredients recipes. Otherwise, there is a whole section of “Healthy Recipes” that we had been testing, tasting and posting for you all. Take a look and suggest if you need some specific recipes. I will personally love to try, test, taste and post new recipes for you, my wonderful people. 🙂

Before we end this plan a word of advice again please take care of your health and keep doing detox atleast once a month. That will keep you away from so many ailments which are the result of our daily lifestyle.

Cheers.. 🙂

How many of you will like to repeat this Detox diet plan?