25 Things A Person Looking For Weight Loss Must Follow

tips for weight loss

25 Things A Person Looking For Weight Loss Must Follow

Small things can make a big difference. This is true for weight loss as well. Following a good diet and exercise regime is the best way to lose weight but some changes in your routine can help in achieving you weight loss goals a little quickly. Here are some tricks that A Person Looking For Weight Loss Must Follow-


Never Skip Breakfast

We emphasize it all the time and you must remember it. A heavy and healthy breakfast keeps you full till lunch and you are less likely to give in to high-calorie foods.

Go For A Walk

Do not be dependent on transport all the time. If your destination is close enough like a kilometer, just walk to it. This simple trick will help you stay in shape.

morning walk

Calorie Counting

This way you will keep a check on what you are eating. Mindless eating will be more noticeable and you will stay away from it next time.

Stay Hydrated

Water not only keeps you feeling full but it also revs up your metabolism. And we all know that water helps in flushing toxins out of body.

Eat Fresh

Munching on fresh vegetables and fruits is a really good choice for people wanting to knock off some weight. You can have them as snacks or may have a whole meal designed around them.

tips for weight loss

Eat Homemade Food

It may be a little tedious but always pack your lunch from home. Eat dinner that has been cooked at home rather than going out or ordering something. It helps as you always know what is going in your food and in your body.

Cheat Too

Have your favourite desserts or any other ‘fattening’ food items once in a while. Cheating once or twice a month keeps you satisfied and you do not end up overloading yourself after a long period of abstinence.

Small Portions

Serve small portions while having food. The best way to do this is to use smaller plates for meals. This habit makes you feel full psychologically and you refrain from eating too much.

Healthy Snacking

Always keep healthy snacks handy. You can carry them with you when going out as well. This will keep you from buying that pizza when you suddenly feel hungry.

Less Carbs

Watch your carbohydrate intake if you want to lose weight. It can be difficult in the beginning but you will slowly become habitual of it.

More Protein

Protein makes you feel full for a long time. Include adequate quantities of lean proteins in your diet which will give you energy for the day.

Sleep Well

If you are someone who loves late nights then you need to get rid of the habit to stay in proper shape. Less sleep leads to weight gain and also you are more likely to eat more than you need at night.

Ditch the Elevator

Take stairs instead. This is a sneaky way to exercise your body. If you take stairs regularly then you will burn calories easily.

Fix Your Food Timings

Fix the times for various foods of the day. Eat your meals at pre-decided time daily. This helps in reducing cravings as your body becomes habitual of getting food at a particular time.

Stand At Work

This trend is catching up these days. The idea is to get a high desk in the office so that you can work comfortably while standing. Standing burns calories while sitting all day is bad in every way.


Take public transport for commuting so that you have to walk to and from bus stop. When you are watching TV, do not keep sitting during commercial break. You can do some jumping jacks during commercials or any other quick exercise of your choice.

No Junk

Staying away from junk food is a great idea. To stay on the right path, never pack your fridge with high calorie foods. Such foods will tempt you whenever you will open the refrigerator.


How The West Is Improvising On Yoga 5

There is no doubt that yoga keeps you healthy in fit. Do it daily or at least thrice a week.

Early Dinner

Take dinner early so that it gets enough time to get digested before you hit the bed. A late dinner followed by a sleep only stores fat in body

Make Realistic Goals

It is important that you set achievable goals. Never vow to do something like 5 kgs in a week. This is not possible if you want to stay healthy and the failure will demotivate you.

Have Fibre

Fibres keep digestive system healthy and moving. Fibre also makes you feel full quickly.

Green Tea

The Best Midnight Snacks For Your Cravings green tea

This antioxidant rich drink is an amazing way to burn some calories. It fastens metabolism and helps you in staying lighter.

Throw Away Old Clothes

Do not obsess over fitting back in your old, fitted clothes. That old tube dress or skinny jeans may look attractive but are just a great cause of stress.


Yogurt keep digestive system healthy. Have at least one serving daily so that your body gets some good and helpful bacteria.

Stay Motivated

motivational visual aid

Do not give up ever! Realistic goals are achievable and there is no way that you cannot shed that extra flab. Stay in touch with motivating people and never listen to demoralizing things.

Do you have more simple ideas to follow for weight loss?

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