3 Top Tips Teenagers Should Try for Losing Weight Fast


3 Top Tips Teenagers Should Try for Losing Weight Fast

As a teenager, weight loss should be one of your top priorities. A busy study schedule and lots of distractions in the form of Television, Facebook/Twitter, smartphones and other things leave you little time to take care of your body.

3 Top Tips Teenagers Should Try for Losing Weight Fast

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Being obese can be extremely damaging for you in all respects. You will be too self-conscious about your body and will attract a lot of negative comments from other people – especially people of your age group. Other than damaging your self-confidence, it can also invite a lot of health risks in your way. In the long run, excess fat can be extremely damaging for you and studies have shown that top companies still shy away from hiring obese individuals due to the popular negative connotations associated with them. You should take a look at the following tips that can help you reduce weight in the right manner.

Proper Nutrition

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Proper nutrition is extremely vital and many teenagers often end up eating and drinking the wrong stuff. It is accepted widely that you can lose more weight if you consume fewer calories. While that is true, you should not go beyond limits to cut down your calories. You need to know that the less you eat, the lesser number of calories you end up burning. If you consume fewer calories than required for the proper functioning of your body, you will end up being exhausted and ill.

  • The average range of calories for men who wish to reduce weight is 2,100 calories.
  • For women, it amounts to around 1,500 calories.

Physical activity

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This is essential as you cannot reduce weight successfully only through healthy diet. The more calories you burn, the greater the amount of weight that you lose. As a teenager, you should add aerobics, cardio or sports activities into your life. You may also go for fun activities such as hiking. Supplement these activities with healthy diet, comprising of lots of fish, poultry and whey protein.

You should also drink lots of water at the time of training in order to prevent dehydration. High water intake can also flush out toxins from your system. Also drink plenty of lemonade and fruit juice that can supply your body with Vitamin C and other essentials but beware of the sugar content in them.

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Disciplined Lifestyle

Weight loss demands a lot of effort on your part and you should work hard to make it a success. You need to maintain a disciplined lifestyle in order to lose weight in a healthy manner. Unless you have a proper lifestyle, you will fail to stick to your exercise regimen – whatever it may comprise of. You need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep to replenish your energy and recharge the cells of your body. Reduce activities such as playing video games, chatting with people, surfing the internet, socializing through Twitter and Facebook and watching television. These activities burn only a few calories.

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The more time you lose on such activities, the fewer the amount of calories that you burn. Make sure that:

  • you have a definite sleep and wake time and maintain it every day.
  • Focus on the big muscular regions of your body in order to shed more weight. A well-toned body with perfect proportions will attract people towards you and make you more popular, thus improving your self-confidence and social life. 🙂

Hope you find these 3 top tips teenagers should try for Losing Weight Fast effective.

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