3 Weight Loss Mistakes You Are Committing!


3 Weight Loss Mistakes

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While there are many things we can’t control about maintaining an ideal body weight, there is at least something that can be controlled if tried.

Here are 3 weight loss mistakes that you need to fix!

1) Going in for a liquid crash diet


Being on a juice cleanse will make you miss out on essential fats and proteins. The body’s metabolism will slow down, you will feel exhausted, immunity levels will go down and you will have more chances of gaining your lost weight back after you restart your eating habits. Also, lack of calories can affect your blood sugar balance and can cause a lot of mood swings along with weight gain. Moreover, if you are drinking fruit based juices instead of vegetable based ones, your blood sugar levels will skyrocket.

What you can do: Cut down on simple and processed carbs. This will help in balancing hormones and reducing body fat.

2) Doing too much of cardio

woman tired overexercise

Cardio workouts are great for staying fit and healthy. However, doing too much of it will not only wreck havoc on your health later but will increase the body’s inflammation. It will leave you way hungrier than usual and it will get hard to stop yourself from eating too much. You might either be eating too less when compared to your workout or overeat as you may feel that you need more to nourish and replenish your body.

Going overboard with cardio exercises can increase stress hormone levels and increase risk for health problems such as body fat, inadequate sleep, IBS and depression. Cortisol, the stress hormone orchestrates the storage of fat. Though it is required by the body in small amounts, once it goes up, it can affect the body’s functioning. You will start pilling on weight where you are genetically predisposed to regardless of clean eating practices.

What can you do: Do whatever you love doing in terms of exercise. Yoga, team sports, dancing, walking, spinning and whatever you enjoy doing the most is counted as exercise. If you choose a sustainable exercise routine and do things you find happiness in, your life will be more fun-filled and the body will be able to maintain an ideal weight.

3) Excess of crunches

say no to crunches

Core strength is essential for overall health. However, if you happen to overdo it, you will be developing a layer of muscle on your abdomen in place of slimming down your waistline.

What you can do: Try doing workouts that have short bursts of cardio like jumping or skipping. Along with that, you need to work large groups of muscles with lunges and squats. This way you can attack the fat stored in the inside you without depleting the body.

Have you been committing the above 3 weight loss mistakes? At times, such mistakes go unnoticed and you are left clueless! Well, as now you are aware of them, go ahead and set things right.

Hope you liked reading this on post 3 weight loss mistakes!

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