30 Minutes Full Body Workout For Busy Women


30 Minutes Full Body Workout For Busy Women

Hi everybody,
It has been long since we interacted. How are you all? How are your workouts going ?
For me, no matter how much I try to take a smaller plate for food or how many times I scoop out a little from it at the last moment, nothing beats my workouts. It heals both my body and mind. But I am not a superwoman myself who lifts weights each day. Sometimes, even my little notorious heart says “who’ll walk up to the gym” and all the walls of my home add up saying “Don’t leave us alone”. Now I cannot ignore that too right. It’s not every day that I hear such pleading requests no. 😛 that is when my master plans; I mean master workout plans come for my rescue.

30 Minutes Full Body Workout For Busy Women

I am sharing with you today one such plan, which initially I stumbled upon on net but I added some tadka to it on my own. I like the way it engages my entire body and takes less than what a traditional full body workout would otherwise take.

workout for busy women

Here it goes:

• Surya Namaskars

surya namaskar

Start with 3-5 rounds of Surya Namaskars. I prefer starting my day with Surya Namaskars when I am working on this plan in the mornings. If I happen to practice in the evening, I start with 5 minutes of aerobics.

• Jumping Jacks

Then comes something that burns your calories at a faster pace and kick starts your workout-. You may start with slow repetitions and then advance to fast repetitions. Do this over 30 seconds or 20 repetitions whichever you prefer.


workout for busy women squats

Then we jump on to most effective thingy for sexy back. You may do traditional squats, sumo squats or both. Repeat them up to 30 seconds or 20 repetitions according to what’s more workable for you.

• Push ups

Push ups are what we come to next. These were considered just a guy’s thing back in 1946 but now as people are more aware and equipped with fitness knowledge, they know -to prepare toned shoulder muscles, push ups are the main ingredient. You may keep your feet on the floor or knees touching the floor and feet crossed up in air whichever form you prefer. Repeat for 30 seconds or 15-20 repetitions.

• Abs exercises

The one and only your and mine favorite. Okay nobody’s favorite- CRUNCHES. 😛 Do full crunches, followed by half crunches for 30 seconds each or 20 repetitions. I sometimes also follow these two exercises with leg raises. I find leg raises really effective and I love the pain they give. 😉

• Dance

Dance Exercise For Fitness

Dance for 3-5 minutes on any one song of your choice. The more you shake your bums, the better. This not only serves as a mini cardio session but also peps your mood and flow of the workout.

• ‘Triceps dips’

Do these for those bulky arms in the sequence. You may perform them on a chair or sofa/bed side. Just make sure the thing that serves for your support does not drift away while performing these. This again has levels according to your fitness level which I’ll be discussing in detail in a separate post on arms workouts.

At this moment, you’ll be seeing some good sweat flowing down your forehead but we have to get to the level when it drips down your t-shirt. So get going.

• Plank:

workout for busy women 1

This is my favorite part in any workout. I love planks and its variations. Planks engage your core and you’ll love the after effects. Come in the traditional plank position and hold for 40 seconds.

• Lunges:

workout for working women lunges

Where there are squats there are lunges as well. Nothing tones your thighs more than this. Each leg for 30 seconds or 20 repetitions. Make sure you attain the correct posture for those who are beginners. Watch the picture carefully or watch videos on lunges before attempting.

• Stepper/stairs:

Self explanatory step it is. Step up and down on a stepper or stairs for 1 minute as fast as your energy allows.

• Wall squat: Last step in this workout is wall squat. Come in the semi squat position or chair sitting position leaning your back against the wall and your thighs parallel to the floor. Hold this position for 40 seconds to 1 minute. It burns like hell but that’s what we call a smashing finish to the workout.

If time permits, you must do another round of same set of exercises and stretch to cool down.

Give rest for 10-20 second between each consecutive exercise. This is a minimum time consuming full body mini workout for those who find hard to scoop time out of their schedules. Try and do let me know about the after effects.
Until next time, take care!

Do you think its difficult for busy women to take out 30 minutes and do this full body workout?

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