4 Aerobic Dances For Fitness


4 Aerobic Dances For Fitness

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It is a well known fact that one has to do a 20 minute aerobic exercise at least three days in a week to stay healthy. Do you do that? You find it boring? How about making it a fun-filled activity instead of a boring exercise? Yes, your aerobic exercise can turn into a fun filled activity by adding dancing elements to it! It can even turn into a social activity with friends. You would find a variety of aerobics dances to choose from. I am listing four such aerobics dances here:


zumba- 4 aerobic dances for fitness

Zumba Fitness dance workout has become a very popular dance aerobics program and that too over a short time period. It began in 2001 and today there are 12 million individuals in 125 countries attending the Zumba Fitness classes. Zumba is a type of dance aerobics that has Latin moves with a club or party like atmosphere. This form of exercise was started accidentally by Alberto Perez when he forgot his usual aerobics music at home just before teaching a class. He had to manage the session with Latin-style music that was luckily in his bag! He clubbed that with dance moves that he had learned in his childhood! This was how Zumba came into being!


Jazzercise- 4 aerobic dances for fitness

Jazzercise was started in the year 1969 (way too long ago!) by Judi Sheppard Missett. The website Jazzercise.com claims that Jazzercisers all over the world move to the beats of latest music and burn about 600 calories in 60 minutes. This form of exercise not only offers an aerobic workout but also the additional benefit of strengthening and toning with the help of Yoga, Kickboxing, Pilates and resistance training. In the year 2008, Jazzercise organization counted and came to know that 32,000 classes of Jazzercise met weekly in more than 32 countries across the globe!

Ballroom Dancing

ballroom dance-4 aerobic dances for fitness

Ballroom dancing comprises of different dances from different corners of the world. The popular dances are modern waltz, tango, salsa, quickstep and Viennese waltz. All the types of ballroom dances are performed with a partner. A couple does the dancing and that too in a “closed hold” position. With all the turns and twists you need to take with your dance partner, you are bound to burn a lot of calories. It is not viewed as an exercise because it has lots of fun in it. It makes a person’s body strong, flexible and able to endure strain longer. It has certain other effects too like better bonding between individuals. Ballroom dancing is being done since 1500s. During those times balls were considered to be very important social gatherings. Reminds me of Cinderella’s ball 😛

Belly dancing

bellydance- 4 aerobic dances for fitness

Yes, you read that right, belly dancing is much in vogue for the fitness benefits it has to offer. You may raise eyebrows if someone says that she is going for belly dancing classes but let us focus on the fitness part of it :P. This Middle East dance is performed by women using the muscles of the torso to move the body. This dance demands the same level of energy that you would put into an energetic aerobics routine. You may even need to descend to the floor for some moves and arise. On the whole, it increases stamina and strength. Also the gentle swaying and flowing movements can provide a meditation like feeling. Isn’t that just great?

So, if you get an opportunity to learn any of the above aerobic dances you should go for it! Join the class and let me know how you find it!

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All ready to join an aerobic dance class?

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