4 Easy Low Carb Cabbage Rolls Recipes


4 Easy Low Carb Cabbage Rolls Recipes

Hiee every body 🙂

If you are planning to go on a low carb diet then nothing else can be your better friend than cabbage and cauliflower. I learnt this after doing lots of research and calculations about carb counts.

Long back I had made these easy cabbage rolls and had forgotten about it. But recently I recalled the recipes for cabbage rolls and pics too. So the first thought came in my mind to share this recipe with you all here.

🙂  Oh my my !!  “Generosity, Thy Name Is Kanan”   lol.  😉

Well, actually these rolls are very easy to make and the filling can be modified as per your individual tastes.

Let me share a pic here…. that might tempt you to read on…  🙂

cabbage roll 5

4 Easy Low Carb Cabbage Rolls Recipes

Lets see how these beauties can be prepared without much of an effort. Here are step by step easy to follow instructions. 🙂

Preparing The cover

cabbage roll 1

The Traditional method is very tedious. That way you have to boil the whole cabbage head and then take out layers one by one. I tried it but lost my patience taking out those tender sticky layers of cabbage leaves one by one carefully. So easier way out for me is this:

  • Separate out raw leaves of cabbage one by one and keep aside.
  • Keep water to boil in a big pan. Add 1 tsp salt to water.
  • Add cabbage leaves to water and let rest for few seconds.
  • Take out leaves with a tong and pat dry.
  • Remove thick vein from cabbage leaves for easier rolling.

Filling for the Rolls

cauliflower filling cabbage roll

  • Grate 1/2  of a medium cauliflower, some red cabbage, all colored peppers and keep aside.
  • In a wok saute 2 tbsp chopped onions, 2 pods crushed garlic and half tsp ginger paste.
  • Add garam masala.
  • Finally add cauliflower and all other veggies mentioned above.
  • Mix well and let it cook for a minute. Do not cover the wok with a lid.

 Making the Rolls

Cabbage rolls filled

  • Take blanched cabbage leaves one by one and fill cauliflower mixture in them.
  • Roll leaves with corners tucked in. If you feel that the edges might open, then use tooth picks to keep edges in place.
  • Grease a microwave safe dish with butter and micro high for 6-8 mnts.
  • Once done take those out and shallow fry on a non stick tawa to get that golden brown crust.

Variations for  filling

  1. Egg :

cabbage Egg rolls

  • Make egg bhurji and fill in the rolls. Beat two eggs well with salt and pepper.
  • Dip each roll in the egg mix and shallow fry in butter or olive oil on nonstick frying pan.
  • You have your Egg Cabbage Rolls ready to eat with any sauce of your liking.

      2.  Paneer :

  • Make Paneer bhurji to fill in the rolls. Make either with egg covering or leave it plain. Up to your taste.

      3.   Non Veg :

cabbage roll 3

  • Fill anything from chicken, mutton, pork or beef  in Kheema form.

       4.   Soya Keema

  • Fill spicy Soya Keema for vegans.

Easy Cabbage Rolls

For the topping and serving

  • If you wish you can add some grated cheese on top. Microwave for a few seconds to make cheese melt and serve hot.

Well well, it seems like too much of work there to prepare those wonderful looking and great tasting rolls; but no, let me assure you, in reality there is hardly any special effort involved. So that means these cabbage rolls are a must try for all those, who are reading this post. 🙂

If you can read it, you can make it too…  😛

So how about surprising your family and friends by serving them these Easy Low Carb Cabbage Rolls?

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