4 Easy Tips To Protect Your Eyes This Summer


4 Easy Tips To Protect Your Eyes This Summer

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Though you may be happy that summer is here and you will get to splash in water and have fun, your eyes are not that happy!!! Summer is like an obstacle course for your eyes! The scorching sun can affect the delicate tissues of the eyes, chemicals in your favourite swimming pool can also do a lot of harm. In this dry season, the dust flying around can also cause discomfort to your eyes. If you are heading outdoors this season for long hours then you must definitely think about taking care of your eyes. Don’t worry, you need to take a few precautions and then you can enjoy this season too!!

Read on to find out how you can take care of your eyes this summer!

  • Wear sun protection

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You need to protect your eyes from the sun. Many people head outdoors without a cap and sunglasses. I call this pure carelessness. Eyes are so delicate that they can get damaged due to too much exposure to the sun. The sun shoots out rays of varied lengths. Out of them, the most damaging ones are the ultraviolet rays classified as UVA and UVB. Most of the normal sunglasses protect against UVB. If they also happen to protect against UVA, it should be mentioned on them. They should be close to the face or wraparound types. You may choose any tint you want because UV blocking coating is the same on any color. For those who work outdoors should go in for polarized lenses as they block the glare.

Too much of UV rays can accelerate the formation of cataracts. There is solid scientific evidence for this. Individuals who stayed in the sun got cataract 8 to 10 years earlier than another group of people who remained indoors and stayed under shade.


Just like how adults need eye protection, even the young kids should not be allowed to go out without sunglasses that protect the eyes from UV damage. Wear your hat and sunglasses at the beach, while boating or when you are at the amusement park.

  • Protect your eyes while playing

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Summer time is the time when you play with friends or your kids. There are always chances of eye injury. Remember, the bigger the ball, the lesser the chance of an eye injury. For instance, a basketball will not injure the yes but a squash ball, cricket ball or hand ball can. You can even get affected when the badminton shuttlecock hits your eye. If you are playing seriously then it is better that you wear protective gear for your eyes.

  • Protect your eyes against chemicals in the pool

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When you jump into the pool and when your eyes start stinging, it means that the chemicals in the pool are not balanced. It won’t affect your vision but make you feel uncomfortable. If the water in the pools hurts your eyes then you should get out of the pool. It does not matter about how much you paid for the swimming pool. What matters is that your eyes are precious and you should not be messing with them. Rinse your eyes with water immediately. Don’t go back in, and that is most important. You should consult the doctor if the stinging persists for hours. He might give you eye drops to soothe the irritation. The best way out is to wear goggles in the pool when enter into it the next time.

Some basic hygiene tips

  • Keep your hands clean always so that when you rub your eyes, you don’t infect them.
  • Don’t splash water into your eyes, as it washes the protective layer i.e. the tear film of the eyes. Only splash water when a foreign particle enters the eyes.
  • Gently clean your eyelids to get rid of germs and dead cells.

Ready to Protect Your Eyes This Summer?

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