4 Must Try Cheese Available In India


4 Must Try Cheese Available In India

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Cheese lovers, here is a post for you! I am myself someone who loves cheese but you can’t call me a cheese connoisseur. I am far from that 😉 Why do I say that? I eat either the very Indian paneer or the processed Amul cheese which is cheddar. See, there is a yawning gap between a cheese lover and cheese connoisseur :P! I have tasted Mozzarella cheese too thanks to pizzas! That was about my experience with cheeses! Now, let us look deeper into each of them.

So, here we go!

Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella cheese- 4 Famous Types Of Cheeses

We all have heard of this cheese because of its use in Pizzas. The country of origin of mozzarella cheese is Italy. This was expected because Pizza is an Italian dish! The milk used in preparing this cheese is either that of a cow or a water buffalo. Mozzarella cheese is a made by heating the cheese curd (milk curdled) in warm water and stretching it by hand and rolling it into moist boils. These balls of cheese are either sold fresh or packed in salty brine in order to add flavour. Mozzarella is well known for its texture and the mild creamy flavour it has to offer.

You can enjoy this cheese with veggies in a sandwich or on your pizza!!!

Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar cheese -4 famous types of cheeses

My favourite cheddar cheese belongs to England and is made from the milk of the cow. There is no minimum ageing for cheddar cheese but the good varieties are aged for a year at least. The milk of cow is curdled and that is cooked and milled into pieces of rice-size. These pieces are then made into larger blocks by pressing and stacking the blocks on top of one another to remove any remaining moisture. The cheddar cheese made in this traditional method is dry, crumbly in texture with deep, tangy and nutty in flavour. It is quite different from the smooth and mild American style cheddars that you find on your burger. Cheddar cheese can vary in quality. Even its colour varies from ivory to deep yellow depending on the feed of the cows and the season. By the way, as I mentioned above, the much widely consumed Amul processed cheese is a cheddar cheese.

Cheddar cheese is best for grilling, making sandwiches and casseroles.

Gouda Cheese

Gouda-4 famous types of cheeses

The country of origin of Gouda cheese is Netherlands. It is made out of cow’s milk. It is kept at least for 4 weeks for ageing; the better ones are those that are aged at least one year. This Holland cheese ranges from semi-hard to hard. It has a wide varied quality and flavour just like Cheddar cheese. It can be creamy and smooth to hard and crumbly. Gouda cheese that has been aged for long has a crunchy texture because of the formation of crystals.

Young cheese can be melted whereas aged cheese can be grated over salads or casseroles.


Paneer nutrition facts

The Indian sub-continent’s very own cheese is paneer! Vinegar is added to milk and the milk is heated, it starts curdling and separates into whey and cheese curd. The cheese curd obtained is placed in a muslin cloth and tied. This is hung for sometime till the water (whey) drains out. This is then pressed with a heavy weight and kept for a few hours. Following this it should be refrigerated. This is how paneer is usually made at home.

It is sliced and used in gravies and for side dishes. Paneer finds its way in so many food items that the list is endless!

So, this was a glimpse of well known cheeses. There are so many other varieties of cheeses in the world that you can’t count them on your finger tips!

Are you a cheese lover?

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