5 Amazing Benefits Of Zumba Dance Workout


5 Amazing Benefits Of Zumba Dance Workout

Hello everybody!!!

You love shaking a leg? Perhaps you dance at a friend’s b’day bash or wedding but do you know that you can dance your way to fitness! Surprised? Don’t be. Dance is a good exercise and let me introduce you to Zumba. It is a dance workout that helps you shed kilos with lots of fun. It has been around for quite some time now.

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 What is Zumba all about?

‘Zumba ‘means moving fast and having fun, this literally describes what this fitness routine is all about. It got its inspiration from Latin dance. It is a mix of music, cardiovascular exercise and aerobic dancing. It is total fun! During these sessions people forget that they are working out. They dance to the beat of the music the way they are instructed to.

 How is a Zumba session like?

Each Zumba session is generally for one hour and comprises of different dance styles. The music is Latin that has both fast and slow beats that are perfect for both cardio workout and body shaping exercises.

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5 Amazing Benefits Of Zumba Dance Workout

  1. Weight loss

Zumba- the new fitness craze has weight loss as its biggest benefit. The workout with a lot of routines improves the cardiovascular system which is immensely helpful in your war of losing unwanted weight. You won’t feel the effort of working out and will be able to burn 600 to 1000 calories in one session. Instead of the boring gym you can have lots of fun at the Zumba class and lose weight the fun way.

  1. Body sculpting

By doing Zumba you can tone/sculpt your body faster. The credit goes to the music. During the workout you are made to move your body according to the rhythm of the music played. Your muscles will make some specific moves like twists and squats, thus toning your complete body without you even realizing it! Isn’t it fabulous?

  1. Stress busting

This dance workout is apt for you if you want to relieve yourself of the stress you pile up every day at work. People who have been to the Zumba classes feel that they are similar to a therapy. The moves of this dance workout release the ‘feel good’ hormone – endorphin. Studies show that dancing (which is a cardiovascular exercise) helps fight depression. And as you all know music is food for the soul. You might get so lost in the music that you will forget all your worries. This makes Zumba a perfect stress buster.

  1. Improving coordination

Zumba classes can help improve your body’s coordination. It is extremely essential to have good coordination during old age. Doing Zumba now can prevent you for suffering from poor coordination when you are older. So sow the seeds and reap the benefits later.

  1. Age no bar

Right from children to the elderly, Zumba is for everyone. It teaches children the incredible benefits of exercising from childhood and makes them more energetic. It is equally beneficial for the elderly as it keeps them flexible and strong.

Stay healthy and have fun! 🙂 And how about adding some zing to your workouts by joining Zumba classes ?


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