5 Days Sweet Tooth Challenge-Day 4 Hibiscus And Basil Tea – India

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5 Days Sweet Tooth Challenge-Day 4 Hibiscus And Basil Tea – India

Hellooo dearies… 🙂 All of you smiling or morose? Are you missing your favourite sweet and sugary goodies? I am sure most of you must have come over your sweet cravings and feeling lighter. I sure am 🙂 It is Day four of the challenge and I am surely not going to give it all up after another one day. For me, it is going to be an extended challenge, for how long — even I don’t know… till I cave in on a freak temptation filled day. 🙁  Till then I am strong… Are you?

On Day 2 I told you that I am going to innovate with my cooking skills (unfortunately, I haven’t really been having any, but no harm in thinking positive) 😛 So before I tell you what I had been experimenting with I want you all to look at this picture… Oh! I fell in love with it and with myself after looking at it. This is my “Hibiscus and Basil Tea”… and I loved it.Hibiscus Basil Tea with lemonWell, why I made it, is another story. As I told you I am staying with my MIL for the last almost 1 month and we have a lot of relatives and guests coming over to ask about her health. All the oldies here prefer to have natural drinks not the packed juices and all. So for them my FIL gave me a bottle of ‘RoohAfazaa’. As a kid, I loved this potion especially with cold milk and lots of crushed ice. But now it has become a pain. This drink is so full of sugar that it makes me shudder at the thought of even tasting it. And there are all these aunties wanting me, the bahu, to have a glass with them. So I thought of making something that looked like that good old Roohaafza.

My inlaws place has good greenery around including a lovely hibiscus tree at the entrance and yes not to mention that lemon tree at the back and multiple Basil (tulsi) plants.  So I decided to prepare some hibiscus tea with basil and lemon. In fact, I had read about it a few years back on internet. So here is my Hibiscus Basil Lemon Tea.


Hibiscus Tea ingredients

  • Fresh or dried Hibiscus flowers 4-5 (I used fresh from the tree)

  • Few leaves of Tulsi (Fresh or dried) I again used fresh

  • One lemon

  • Black salt

  • Black pepper

  • Roasted cumin (jeera) powder

  • Honey (optional)


Pluck only the petals of the flowers and discard the rest of the parts.

Hibiscus tea 1Boil two cups of water in a pan. When it starts boiling, add flower petals, tulsi leaves and cover the pan with a lid. Turn off the flame and let the liquid rest covered for 5-10 minutes. 
Hibiscus tea boil with basilAfter a while pour the liquid through a seive in glasses. You can warm again if you wish to have hot tea otherwise pour it on ice cubes. The colour of the liquid will be brownish. Then add a few drops of lemon juice, black salt and pepper according to your taste and honey if you wish. I am alergic to honey so try to stay away from it. Though I have found Patanjali Honey to not cause any alergic reaction to me. The moment you add lemon juice the colour of tea turns to beautiful red. You can add more honey or lemon juice to suit your taste.Hibiscus Tea with lemonThat’s it… damn easy isn’t it? Believe me it is such a refreshing drink that I have become addicted to it. Nowadays every morning I pluck 8-10 fresh hibiscus flowers and two fresh lemons and some tulsi leaves from the garden and make a whole bottle of Hibiscus tea to sip throughout the day. To add a twist to this tea I add some mint (pudina) leaves too or sometimes grated ginger. That way I make three flavours of the same tea. Though early morning having this herbal tea hot is great but for the whole day it is best to keep it in fridge and have chilled.

Why I loved Hibiscus Basil Tea?

  • Drinking Hibiscus tea may lower blood pressure in people with type 2 diabetes, prehypertension, or mild hypertension
  • Hibiscus tea is comparable to blood-pressure medication.
  • Hibiscus flower tea is known to contain high levels of antioxidants which help to rid our bodies of free radicals which are destructive molecules that damage our cells and DNA. Antioxidants protect us against chronic disease, such as heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and even cancer.

Above all, as I at times feel like having a cup of tea with sugar when I feel my energy levels going low, I curb my sugar craving by having a glass of nicely salted and masala filled chilled Hibiscus Basil Tea. Thanks to this new found love of mine, I am able to keep on going strong with the 5 days Sweet Tooth Challange effectively. I don’t crave sugar after having this tea.

Well, I am going to fetch a big tumbler of my Hibiscus Basil tea. Are you?

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