5 Days Sweet Tooth Challenge-Day1-Sweet Alternatives

Low Carb Sugar Free Chocolate Recipes

5 Days Sweet Tooth Challenge-Day1-Sweet Alternatives

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for overwhelming response to 5 Days Sweet Tooth Challenge. I hope you all avoided sugar in your morning tea 🙂 , I had tea with stevia as usual! Many people said that their sweet tooth rules them and its very difficult to avoid sweets even if they avoid sugar in their tea/coffee.

Below are some of the sweet alternatives that you can enjoy these 5 days 🙂

1. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is absolutely safe for this challenge. It will keep your both – your sugar and chocolate cravings at bay. You can have 1-2 small pieces everyday so that you are not missing much and still on track 🙂

dark chocolate


2. Fruits

You can have fruits like apple, papaya, strawberries almost daily. Have grapes once in a while for those after meal cravings. No mango, banana, chickoo or any fruit which is higher in carbs!

3. Almonds

Have almonds whenever you think you are yearning for sugar/sweet. Almonds are great to curb any kind of sugar cravings. Please do read this excellent post on how to curb sugar cravings.

4. Curd with stevia

I absolutely love this! I add stevia powder to curd and have it after meal when I can’t resist having something sweet. The trick is to choose a good stevia sweetener and you are good to go!

5. Smoothies

Have fruit smoothies in curd base or coconut milk base. You won’t feel the need to add any sugar!

strawberry smoothie day 2

Apart from the above foods, we will keep proving more sweet alternatives and also publish more recipes so that you don’t miss sweets much. Do try making these amazing protein chocolates at home! Find the recipe here.

DIY Super Easy Energy Bar Recipe no 7


If you have still not joined our 5 Days Sweet Tooth challenge, do read the rule here and join us on Facebook here.

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