5 Days Sweet Tooth Challenge-Rules,Tips and More


5 Days Sweet Tooth Challenge-Rules,Tips and More

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Hello Everyone,

We at IWB have observed that most of the people who connect with us narrating their weight related problems are sick of their sweet tooth. Despite a little effort made here and there they are not able to control the sweets’ cravings. Thus, we at IWB have planned a 5 Days Sweet Tooth Challenge that starts on 11th May i.e coming Monday till Friday.  As we believe that most of the times we require real hard kick to get rid of some bad eating habits. After our “1 Week No Junk Challenge” we were flooded with requests for a sweet tooth challenge too.

These 5 days, every participant will need to control sugar/sweet cravings. We all will try to limit our sugar intake to the minimum levels possible. Saturday is the reward day, you can enjoy a sweet if you wish. I am sure if you shed some pounds these 5 days, you perhaps will think twice before savoring the sweet 😛 . You can find the event on Facebook  too!


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Weigh yourself on Day 1 empty stomach in the morning.

Day 1 and Day 2

Reduce your sugar intake in tea/coffee to half. If you think that will reduce your tea/coffee intake, no problem at all. If you can, please use honey, jaggery which are sweet and with the same calories as refined white sugar but at least natural.

Day 3, Day 4 And Day 5

Either have tea/coffee without sugar 😛 , or get your hands on stevia. You can check out this Steviocal stevia sweetener. Any stevia brand would do!

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Foods to avoid

  • Sweets

  • Sugar

  • Candies,

  • Chocolate

  • Cereals which are sweet and instant types like instant Dalia etc.

  • Anything else which has sugar like various sauces and spreads.

  •           A special instruction for all those Candy Crush Saga Fans out there… Please Stop Playing it for a while… The candy slots                 will remind you of those colourful sugary candies..   😛

candy crush

Please just for 5 days, be cautious about what is going in your mouth.

Learn to read labels. (Know how to read labels here)

you can do it ! Also avoid maida, potato, rice. Please avoid junk like

Those who participated in our “1 Week No Junk Challenge” can repeat that too along this challenge for added advantage. So also avoid maida, potato, rice. Please avoid junk like Plague.

Foods to eat more

Fruits allowed

Fruits which are not too sweet like Papaya, Apple, Berries.

After completing 5 days Sweet Tooth Challenge

  • Finally when you are done with this challenge, step up the weighing machine again to find out how much weight you have lost. Weigh yourself on Day 6 empty stomach in the morning. Notice what your scale says. If you haven’t cheated, your scale also won’t 🙂

weighing scale

  • Notice the puffiness on your face and bloating on your tummy. Both would reduce, I can vouch for it.
  • Notice your skin. It would be more vibrant.
  • Sugar not only affects your waist but skin too. If you had acne, it would be gone!

Be ready n gear up for 5 Days Sweet Tooth Challenge. Let’s do it 🙂

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