5 Exercises To Get Rid Of Chubby Cheeks


Exercises To Get Rid Of Chubby Cheeks

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Don’t you just adore babies with chubby cheeks? Little ‘chubby’ toddlers brighten your day with their smile and antics, right? Chubby cheeked kids look super cute and you always want to pull their cheeks. But have you ever wondered how grown-ups with chubby cheeks would look like? 😛 They are bound to be mocked at! Strange the world is…Hmmm! If you are a grown-up and have chubby cheeks and want to get rid of them then I have just the thing for you! No, it is not a thing it is a set of exercises 😛 that will help reduce the chubbiness of your cheeks.

chubby-cheeks-baby Exercise to Get rid of chubby cheeks

Here are some facial exercises that help you in getting rid of chubby cheeks:

Exercise no 1:

Exercise no 1 is like making a fish face with a little variation. You have to suck in one cheek at a time in this exercise. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Pout as if you are about to kiss.
  • Suck in one cheek of yours and hold it for a minute.
  • Suck in the other cheek and hold that too for a minute.

This exercise can be repeated for about 8 times for best results.

Exercise no 2:

This exercise is a targeted exercise that engages the entire face.

  • Breathe deeply through the mouth and fill it up with air.
  • Push the air to your left cheek and hold it for a minute
  • Push the air to the right cheek and hold again for a minute.
  • Push the air to the upper lip (below the nose) and hold it.
  • Push the air to the chin (below lower lip) and hold it.

Repeat this exercise at least 8 times daily for the desired results.

Exercise no 3:

If you want to tone the cheeks and the muscles around the cheek-bones, then this one is for you.

  • Pout as hard as you can till you feel a strain on the muscles of the cheek and a stretch in the skin.
  • Release for a minute.

You can repeat this exercise as many times as you wish.

Exercise no 4:

This exercise may seem crazy but it does work!

  • With a closed mouth try to form a wide smile
  • Start bringing muscles closer to the eye area.
  • Drop your mouth down forming an O shape.
  • Restart from the first position.

Repeat this five to eight times a day.

Exercise no 5:

For this exercise you will need a mirror

  • Stand in front of the mirror and smile wide.
  • Wrinkle your nose as hard as you can.
  • Hold the position for 8 seconds to get best results.

Do this exercise for about 8 times.

Exercises to get rid of Chubby cheeks

Here are exercises for facial toning

You can concentrate at one part at a time.

Toning the jaw

  • Sit in a relaxed posture
  • Push your jaw out as far as it will comfortably goes.
  • Pull your jaw back and repeat it as many times as you can comfortably do it.

Toning the neck

  • Sit down and tilt your head back gently towards the ceiling.
  • Stick your tongue out towards your nose’s tip.
  • Hold the position for a few seconds and repeat as many times as possible.

Toning the double chin

  • Sit down and tilt your head towards the ceiling
  • Say ‘maa’ aloud.
  • Repeat this as many times as possible.

Toning the area around the eye

Many people suffer from crow’s feet in the eye area. Here is an exercise for that

  • Place two of your fingers of your hands on the far corner of the yes.
  • Pull the skin and stretch it towards the hair line.
  • Hold position with eyes shut tight.
  • Repeat this as many times as possible.

Toning the forehead

  • Frown deliberately
  • Pull the eyebrows as close to each other as possible
  • Reverse the move and lift your eyebrows as far as possible
  • Repeat it as far as it is comfortable.

Toning the nose

  • Tilt your head back and sit straight.
  • Place your lower lip over the upper lip as far as possible.
  • Repeat if desired

The above exercises will help in toning and strengthening the muscles of your face and will also reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Other ways of reducing chubby cheeks

  • Facial massage– Helps toning the muscles
  • Overall weight Loss- If you lose weight, your facial fat will also reduce.
  • Surgery :P- People are ready for this option too!

Ready for some facial exercise to get rid of chubby cheeks?

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