5 Extreme Exercises To Avoid For Weight Loss


5 Extreme Exercises To Avoid For Weight Loss

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There are a lot of people who are battling hard to get into shape. While it is good to lose unwanted weight, pushing your body to extreme limits is not recommended as it will have repercussions.

People are enthusiastic in following an extreme exercise routine in order to stay fit but they should be aware as what these extreme exercises are going to cost them. Have a look for yourself!

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1) Jumping with dumbbells and weights

In group exercise classes, you are asked to do plyometrics with light weights. Jumping onto step-up benches, lunges and other moves include holding dumbbells in your hands or light weights wrapped around the ankles. While jumping is good for burning calories, jumping along with weights might lead to a tissue/muscle rupture or a ligament tear. And nobody wants to end with that!

2) Exercising on an empty stomach

If you are thinking that exercising on an empty belly in the morning will help in burning the calories you ingested at night, you are on the wrong track. When you get up in the morning, the levels of glycogen in the body are already low and though calorie burning does take place, you don’t know that there are more chances of the body deriving the calories from the muscles. So you are losing muscles when your real enemy is fat! In the morning, have a light meal before beginning your workout.

3) Stretching before your workout

Ideally, stretching needs to be done during or after a workout as a separate exercise routine. It is a warm up that needs to be done to exercise the muscle prior to the regular workout routine. It can be done on a treadmill for about ten minutes and a few warm-up moves for the initial few resistance exercises. If you do stretches before a workout, it may lead to a painful muscle pull or a terrible ligament tear.

4) Pushing yourself too hard

We all are humans and have certain limits. While it is good to push yourself to work out at the gym regularly, going overboard won’t do you any good. It is only going to harm you in the long run. You are most likely to injure yourself if you push yourself beyond limits. When you push yourself to work out when fatigue has already set in, your form begins to falter. This can cause an overload to the joints and soft tissues and making them susceptible to injuries.

5) Marathon running

Aerobic vs Anaerobic Exercise Fat loss

While many people run marathons to lose weight, it is a definitely a big no from health and fitness experts. Running a marathon can help you burn more calories but at the cost of loss of muscle mass. You real enemy is fat, what you want to lose is fat not muscle mass!! However, if you enjoy running, go ahead with it but make sure that it isn’t longer than 60 minutes with regular water breaks in between. You need to make sure that you have an energy booster before starting your run. If you run for more than 60 minutes, you might land up with a muscle pull or back pain.

Apart from staying away from the above extreme exercises and habits, you also need to stay away from fad diets and weight loss pills. Though it is good that you want to lose weight, going to extremes for doing so is not acceptable.

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