5 Gifts To Myself For Completing One Month Of Running


5 Gifts To Myself For Completing One Month Of Running

Hello Friends,

How are you all doing?

Well, the festive season is over for a while until Diwali preparations start, which is hardly three weeks away. So I am really going to stick to my fitness regime before that, so that the festive celebrations don’t get in the way of remaining fit.

Meanwhile today, I am here to share few of the goodies which I gifted myself for self-motivation as I successfully completed one month of running practice for the Marathon, that is going to be held in November.

Well, I am certainly not all praises for myself  but for a non-runner like me, completing the run plan week by week was itself an amazing experience for me. Running had been always a challenging task for me and I never fancied the idea till I decided to try this for my fitness and also to take part in a Marathon.

So, as promised in my last post, I am here to show you all what I gifted myself for this One Month Running Practice, successful completion.

I will start with these individually-

New Shoes-

Well, running did a lot for my health and helped in increasing my stamina so I thought of gifting myself with a new pair of shoes to make my running experience even more easy & comfortable. Also there is a great excitement to workout when you have the proper equipments and fitness accessories, so I am really looking forward to try my new shoes and practice running in them.

new shoes


Yes, I also gifted myself a Pedometer which is really great in tracking the distance covered by me during my running practice. The merits of using a fitness monitor device like this, is that it helps in following a proper fitness schedule which also helps a person in motivating themselves to perform better.


Yoga Mat-

I happened to gift a yoga mat too for the floor exercises as it would provide a great cushioned surface for my workout. It is non-slippery and gives a great grip while performing some difficult fitness exercises.

yoga mat

New Weight Set-

I really love lifting weights although due to the recent running practice, I have been missing my weight lifting regime so I got a new pair of dumbbells as I had only one pair with me, so just to try different weights, I bought a new weight set for myself.

weight set

Juice/Water Bottle-

Lastly I got a new juice/water bottle which really looks cool and athletic for drinking juices or water during running or workout sessions. I really love it and have already started using it in my fitness regime everyday.

water bottle

Well, I am looking forward to more and more rewards next months when I am able to successfully complete two months of running practice.

So, guys pour in more suggestions for what should I get for next month! 🙂

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