5 Healthy Breakfast Tips To Keep You Energetic All Day


5 Healthy Breakfast Tips To Keep You Energetic All Day

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Do you feel lethargic at work? Are you deficient in many essential vitamins? Are you putting on weight without eating unhealthy food? Do you eat breakfast every day? Whether your answer is a yes or no, let me tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Even if you miss your breakfast one single day, you miss out on 1/3rd of the nutrients for that day. Due to the long gap after your dinner, the body is starved and the metabolism is at its lowest. Breakfast helps to kick start your day by raising the metabolism and giving the body its required nutrition.

Like any other meal of the day, breakfast too is supposed to be balanced with all food groups included. Many studies have also shown that skipping breakfast is one of the most common reasons for obesity especially among teenagers.

Below are a few tips to make your breakfast more healthy and nutritious.

Include All Food Groups In The Breakfast:

Include cereal with vegetables, milk, fruits and nuts in your morning breakfast. For example:

1. Veggie Upma+ Almond Milkshake+ fruit

2. Oats in Milk with Nuts + Fruit Salad

3. Open Face Toast+ Coffee+ Fruit

4. Toast with Veggie Omelette + Baked Beans+ Fruit

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 Do Not Juice Your Fruit:

By juicing your fruit you’re losing out many vitamins and dietary fiber. Eat your fruit whole!

Avoid Going For Breakfast Buffets:

Breakfast buffets are nothing but pure indulgences serving calorie dense nutritionally poor foods like donuts, sugar coated cornflakes, white flour pan cakes, frozen macaroni, sweetened juices, muffins, cakes, etc.

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Choose Your Breakfast Cereal Wisely:

Some of us don’t have the habit of reading the label behind products. Please make sure you read the label and ingredients list carefully. Most of the cereal which claims to be low fat and low in calories is actually loaded with invisible fat, sugar and salt. Better option for cereals would be plain wheat flakes, plain oats, in which you can add flavor by adding fresh fruits and nuts!

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 Going Overboard And Eating Extra:

There is a common myth that heavy foods can be consumed early in the morning and they will not be converted to fat. It is not true. If you layer your parathas with that extra spoon of butter, or mayo sandwiches with chocolate milkshakes and caramel coffees..then nobody can save you from making your breakfast the biggest nightmare of your life!

In short if you eat a healthy breakfast there are innumerable benefits that you can achieve but even the slightest mistakes can leave your days nutrition upside down!

Besides a healthy breakfast do not forget to drink loads of water and exercise daily!! And remember if you will not look after your body, who will??

Hope you find these breakfast tips useful !

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