5 High Carbs Fruits To Avoid


5 High Carbs Fruits To Avoid

Low carb diets are high on fresh vegetables and fruits. But twist in the tale comes when you end up consuming more calories from fruits than you really think you are.  Many fruits have such high carbohydrates that they beat even the well known high carb foods. So if you want to really reap the benefits of your low carb diet, stay away from the following culprits-


5 High Carbs Fruits To Avoid

Bananas are full of nutrients like calcium, potassium and manganese. They make you feel full instantly and are also so yummy that you can’t resist them. But did you know how many carbohydrates you eat when you eat up a banana? Well a medium sized banana contains 27 gm carbs! So may be the bananas are helping you in regulating your metabolism but they do no good to your weight. So avoid these sunny fruits when you are going low carb.



These sweet treats are the worst when it comes to fruits with high carb content. Raisins have 65 gm carbohydrates in just half a cup. I hope that I don’t need to give you any more reasons to stay away from them.



Now I’m being really mean to you guys! Grapes are an absolute favourite with most people. But these easy-to-pop treats come with 27.3 gm of carbs in every single cup. They are a good source of vitamins C and K though. If you really love grapes, simply limit your intake.



If you want to keep up with your goals of consuming low carbohydrates then strike pineapples off your menu. This juicy fruit is loaded with carbs- almost 22 gm in every cup. You have better sources of vitamin C in citrus fruits that are low in carbs too.



The sweet, golden king of fruits can break your diet plans. This fruit with high vitamin A also packs high carbs. Mangoes contain 28 gm carbs in every cup you eat.  It is better to have fruits with high water content to enjoy some cool treats. As yummy as mango tastes, it distorts all your weight loss plans.

These were the 5 High Carbs Fruits To Avoid ! Try Apple or Strawberries 😉