5 Low Carb Egg Recipes For Weight Loss

Egg recipes for weight loss+no carbs

5 Low Carb Egg Recipes For Weight Loss

Eggs are my savior, I know I have written this line numerous times before 😛 , but this is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of eggs. They are so versatile and can taste so different with different recipes. I seldom get bored of eggs, although I don’t have an option since I am a veggie 😀

If I claim that Eggs are the most nutritious food on the planet, I won’t be too wrong. Read about my claim here.

5 Low Carb Egg Recipes For Weight Loss

These recipes below are simple, needs not much effort, taste delicious and different too. Let’s begin –

5 Low Carb Egg Recipes For Weight Loss

1. Eggs in Coconut Milk 

Coconut milk can make some great smoothies and gravies. It can be used instead of cream in curries and make you full in no time. I use Dabur Coconut milk, read about it here . Eggs  in coconut milk is a heavy dish, you can eat it with a little brown rice or just like that !

coconut milk and eggs

2. Fried Chicken and Egg 

This is not my favourite :D, I dont eat chicken lolz.

egg chicken recipe paleo

3. Egg salad 

Yummmmmmmm ! This is such an easy peasy recipe and takes no time. Add all the salad veggies like cucumber, tomato… whatever you can eat raw, put it in. You can use low carb home made mayonnaise to make the salad low carb and high fat , recipe for mayo here !

Egg Salad Protein Recipes

4. Mushroom and Egg Cutlets

This recipe is not so egg like 🙂 ! Delicious low carb mushroom and egg cutlets with chutney can do away your cravings for potato cutlets. Try it once, you won’t regret !

mushroom and eggs paleo diet

5. Cabbage and Egg Recipe

This is my most abused recipe :D. I just love it for two reasons, One – it just needs cabbage and eggs. Two – its a full meal on its own. You won’t need any bread or roti or a side dish with it.


Few more interesting ways to make eggs here.

What is your favorite Low Carb Egg Recipes For Weight Loss ?