5 Low Carb Fish Recipes For Weight Loss

fish tikkas with mint chutney

5 Low Carb Fish Recipes For Weight Loss

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You like eating fish? It is actually good if you are a fish eater. Fish is such a great low fat source of and high quality protein. Perfect for low carb dieters! It has vitamins like vitamin D and vitamin B2 along with essential omega 3 fatty acids. It is also rich in minerals like phosphorous, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium and iodine. Eating fish twice a week is recommended by the American Heart Association as a part of a healthy lifestyle! It helps in lowering blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke or heart attack.

Let me quickly tell you about all the yummy dishes you can make with fish! This post is for those who love their fish. Vegetarians please excuse 😉

Mint And Coriander Fish Tikka

fish tikkas with mint chutney

Let us begin with a yummy fish tikka. It has the drool worthy flavours of mint and coriander along. This one is easy and quick to make. You need just the fish fillets, coriander, mint, juice of lemon and salt for this recipe. You need to marinate the fillets for at least half an hour and cook it in the oven. Serve them hot with a dash of lemon! For the complete recipe click on the heading please!

Fish Fry Recipe With Ready To Cook Spice Mix

fish recipes instant India

Not for a fried recipe! You can find a lot of fish fry spice mixes in the market. If you get your hands on one, you are ready to rock J. You can use basa fish for this recipe. Marinate the fish with the ready to cook masala for 15 to 20 minutes and deep fry in an oil of your choice. You can try coconut oil if you can manage the taste :P. Coconut oil is super healthy! The fish made this way is soft from inside and crunchy on the outside. To read the complete recipe, click on the recipe heading.

Fish Curry

low carb fish recipes (2)

Here is a recipe of low carb fish curry! This recipe has about 30 g of carbs. You need the dry masalas, onion, tomatoes and garlic along with other ingredients. You can choose a fish of your own choice for this fish curry. Make a batter and coat the fish in it and deep fry the pieces. Make the tomato and onion curry and add the fish pieces. For the detailed recipe please click on the heading of the recipe.

Fish Frittata

low carb fish frittata IWB

Fish Frittata is a low carb, high protein recipe that can be a part of any low carb dieters meal. You need to cook the fish and mash it. Along with the fish you need flax seeds, sprouted moong beans paste and eggs for this recipe. Have look at the detailed recipe yourself by clicking on the recipe heading.

Yummiest Indian Fish Recipe

yummiest fish recipe low carb

This is a high protein recipe. It is a bit elaborate and can be a great side dish. The fish has to be marinated for at least half an hour. It can be marinated over-night too. For the detailed ingredients and method do click on the heading!

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