5 Low Carb Vegetables To Eat In India

Best Low Carb Summer Vegetables

5 Low Carb Vegetables To Eat In India

Low Carb Diet is the recent hit for all those people who wish to loose weight slowly without compromising on the overall health. Low Carb diet also gives a lot of food options to its followers as there are a number of green vegetables which are available in India which contain low levels of carbohydrate content in them. Well, in case of a Low Carb diet, where one needs to watch out the amount of carbohydrate content in their daily food servings, it is a matter of importance to look out for only those vegetarian recipes which are low in carbs and go well with the limited carbohydrate content that is required for a person following a strict Low Carb Diet. Here is a list of 5 low carb vegetables to eat in India.

Best Low Carb Summer Vegetables

Usually, vegetables are available round the year but there are some which are seasonal and their availability depend on the season. So here we will be talking about some vegetables which are believed to be perfect for a low Carb Diet.

Low Carb diet  is known to be one of the most varied diets with the different food recipes that can be served in this. Well for non-vegetarians this certainly holds true but for strict vegetarians, striving upon only vegetables and that too low in carbohydrates, sometimes seems to be not so appealing.

Here there are few of the famous and easily available vegetables in India which are fit to be consumed by Low Carb Diet followers.


One of the most easily prepared and readily available vegetable is Cauliflower which gives a great food option to avoid starchy vegetables like potatoes. Replace the starchy vegetable with a grilled or steamed dish of cauliflower and you will enjoy having the taste without the extra carbohydrates being added.


An ideal serving of cauliflower dish (50g) contains about 12 calories, 1.5g net carbs & 1g fiber content.


Pumpkin is a tasteful vegetable which is highly rich in phyto-nutrients, minerals, fiber and vitamins. They are naturally low in starch content and are used to make a lot of dishes other than a pie.

An ideal serving of 1/2 cup cubed pumpkin contains about 15caloreis,  3.5g net carbs & 0.5 g fiber.


An essential addition to many Chinese dishes and vegetable salads, capsicum is easily available in India and is a great food option to include in the low carb diet. It adds to the nutritional value of any food recipe and provides a rich color & unique taste.

Green bell pepper

An ideal 1/2 cup of chopped capsicum contains 15 calories, 2.5g net carbohydrates & 1g fiber.


One of the easily available vegetables in India is cabbage as it can be grown in low fertility soils and can be kept for long durations. It is believed to contain anti-oxidants and other nutrients which are helpful in preventing cancer in the body.

cabbage nutrition facts

A perfect vegetable  for low carb diet contains 11 calories, 1g fiber & 1.5g.


Brinjal is another great vegetable to opt for Low Carb diet followers. It provides great variety in taste and has an amazing texture which is great for dips & soups. It can be easily replaced by potatoes and also be enjoyed as fritters.

low carb Fish mash eggplant

low carb Fish mash eggplant cheese grill

A 1/2 cup brinjal serving contains about 10 calories, 1.5g fiber & 1g net carbohydrates.

So, these were few of the vegetables which can be enjoyed by Low carb diet followers in the coming fall season.

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