5 Low Fat Foods You Must Avoid


5 Low Fat Foods You Must Avoid

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Happy Friday 🙂 . Friday is always my favorite day 😛 . I haven’t watched any movie since a month or two, what’s a good one releasing this weekend?

I love Friday also because I do have my cheat lunch meal on most of the Saturdays, yayyyy 🙂 and I anxiously wait for the day to arrive! Despite people acknowledging the fact that fat is not our enemy, after they see me hogging on butter and losing so much weight, my friends still give in to some of the low fat foods.

Let’s checkout 5 Low Fat Foods You Must Avoid –

Low fat diet1. Low Fat Salad

Salad is all fiber which makes you feel full in no time. Similarly, it will make you feel hungry in no time 😛 . You could also run to washroom to offload 😉 and very soon your tummy could scream for food! You could add dressings to your salad which will keep you full for longer, but most of them are nothing but sugar and preservatives. How about adding some fat in your salad? I add sour cream in my salad most of the times and its heavenly! When you add fat to your salad, it helps your body absorb antioxidants like beta-carotene and lycopene from carrots, peppers and tomatoes.

2. Low fat cookies or muffins

This is the most suicidal food to start your day. Low fat muffins or cookies or pastries would be full of sugar and your insulin level spikes immediately. A low fat muffin  say for example has 100 calories, a full fat regular muffin would have 160-170 calories. But but but, sugar in low fat muffin would be way higher than the regular muffin. Most of the sugar in baked items comes from high fructose corm syrup, the yuckiest sugar ever! Would you want to start your day with something so unhealthy? Think again!

3. Low fat ice cream

Let’s admit, everyone eats ice cream to satiate sweet tooth! It can’t be guilt free at all. If you think you can have low fat ice cream which makes you think its a healthy treat, you are one hundred percent wrong. When you eat a low fat ice cream, you are eating more sugar. You also are more likely to eat a bigger portion because the fat that makes you full has been reduced! Instead, when you just can’t control, have a smaller portion of full fat regular ice cream, that’s way better – for sweet tooth and health both 🙂


4. Low fat milk

Low fat milk is the biggest monster from this list! People pay extra for low fat milk, how sad is that! Low fat milk are devoid of healthiest natural fat that your body needs. Instead, sugar/stabilizers are added to them which are neither natural nor healthy. When you make tea with a low fat milk, you will add more milk as compared to the tea in which you add full fat milk. Every person who loves tea would know why! Since you don’t get the right density of your tea, you add more low fat milk , meaning more sugar. Whereas full fat milk is already heavy. Its heavy enough to make your tea delicious without putting a lot of it.

5. Low fat yogurt

This is similar to ice creams. I have seen people enjoying low fat yogurts and feeling guilt free! They even talk – “what a healthy dessert” . I have no words to say. Low fat frozen yogurts are even higher in sugar, avoid them by all means.

Indulge once in a while but don’t fall prey to low fat foods! That’s the best piece of advice 🙂

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Hope you won’t search for low fat foods now!

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