5 Must Have Nuts For Good Health


5 Must Have Nuts For Good Health

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Good things come in small packages and this is well proved by nature’s amazing gifts-‘nuts’. They are perfectly designed, bite-sized nutritional powerhouses loaded with healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Even though nuts are good for you, they are high in fat and calories. So, you need to control portions.

Nuts great for your diet

Almonds, pistachios and cashews are all almost equal in calories. In moderation, they are a healthy addition to your diet. They have omega 3 fatty acids, fibre and protein that make you feel full and mellow down your appetite.

The lowest calorie nuts are almonds at 160 calories per ounce; 23 nuts have 6 g of protein and 14 g of fat. Talking about cashews, 16 to 18 cashews have 5 g of protein and 13 g of fat. Last but not the least are pistachios, 49 nuts have 6 g of protein and 13 g of fat.

You need to avoid nuts that are roasted in oil (they can be roasted in hydrogenated or unhealthy omega 6 fats). Have them dry roasted or raw instead.

Best nuts for the heart



All nuts are known to contain heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids but walnuts additionally have high amounts of ALA (alpha linoleic acid). According to research, ALA protects the heart. Another study suggests that walnuts are as effective as olive oil in reducing inflammation and oxidation of arteries after consuming a fatty meal. Eating 8 walnuts a day will help in providing these benefits.

Best nuts for the brain


Healthy Peanut Salad Protein Recipe

Peanuts are technically legumes but are called nuts. They are rich in folate, which is one mineral that is essential for brain development and for protecting against cognitive decline. Peanut is one great choice for vegetarians who usually don’t get enough folate and pregnant women who require folate to protect their fetuses from birth defects. Just like other nuts, peanuts have vitamin E and healthy fats. 28 unshelled peanuts have about 170 calories, 7 g of protein and 14 g of fat. Moreover, they are pocket friendly too!

Best nuts for males

Pecans and Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are loaded with selenium, which is one mineral that helps in protecting against prostate cancer. However, just one nut provides you with the daily requirement of selenium, so go easy on it. Research also says that consuming too much f selenium is linked to the risk of type 2 diabetes. One ounce of Brazil i.e. 6 nuts have 190 calories, 19 g of fat and 4 g of protein.

Now let us talk about pecans. They are also good for men’s health as they contain a plant steroid called beta-sitosterol that help relieve the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. 18-20 halves of pecans have about 200 calories, 3 g of protein and 21 g of fat.

Best nuts that prevent diseases


These low calorie nuts are low in calories and have more calcium when compared to other nuts making it a great health food. Almonds are also rich in fibre and vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps in fighting inflammation and other medical conditions such as lung cancer and age related mental decline. Almonds are so versatile that they are a favourite amongst nut eaters. You can pop in a few just like that or sliver them and decorate your smoothie!

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