5 Things Happen To Your Body When You Consume Coffee Daily

Coffee and diabetes

5 Things Happen To Your Body When You Consume Coffee Daily

Most of us start our day with a cup of coffee and without it consider the morning incomplete. Yes, the true coffee lovers, this article; 5 things happen to your body when you consume coffee daily, is directly focused on you.

There are a lot of assumptions about coffee health risks. They say that the effects of caffeine on brain is bad for you. Is caffeine bad for you; and many more similar questions that arise in our minds when we think about the effects of daily consumption of coffee. Let us have a look at the impacts of daily consumption of coffee on the human body. It is said that caffeine boosts our metabolism along with mental and physical performance.
Research has shown that the level that caffeine affects differs from person to person as the genes determine the tolerance towards it.

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In a general sense, caffeine is said to increase alertness in the body. This is done by caffeine as it blocks the chemical in the brain that makes you feel tired. However, if the doses are high, it might result in nervousness and anxiety. Interestingly, stress levels were similar between regular and less frequent caffeine consumers, suggesting the compound may have the same effect on stress levels regardless of whether you drink it habitually. In order to prevent oneself to fall into traps of anxiety, all you need to do is to monitor yourself and find the amount that is suitable for you. Drinking beyond that should be avoided.


The basic funda behind drinking coffee to stay awake, but the problem arises when the body loses its ability to have enough restorative sleep. Studies have found that consumption of
caffeine regularly increases the normal time that a person takes to fall asleep. You may not realize that too much caffeine is interfering with your sleep if you underestimate the amount of
caffeine you’re taking in. Although coffee and tea are the most concentrated sources of caffeine, it is also found in soda, cocoa, energy drinks and several types of medication.


Excess of anything is bad, same is the case with caffeine, if you start having it regularly, then it is bound that you will get addicted to it. It is the most habit forming hot beverage. Going without
caffeine for several hours may lead to psychological or physical withdrawal symptoms in those who consume large amounts on a daily basis. In a study, 213 caffeine users completed questionnaires after going 16 hours without consuming it. Daily users had greater increases in headaches, fatigue and other withdrawal symptoms than non-daily users.

High Blood pressure

High caffeine intake is said to increase the blood pressure during exercise, in the people who have hypertension problems. Caffeine causes a rapid increase in the blood pressure levels proportionately related to its consumption. The ones who rarely consume it, might not feel any difference, thus, if you wish to monitor an increase, then look for the ones who are routine and
high levels consumption makers.

Frequent Urination

Increased urination is the direct impact of constant consumption of caffeine. You can easily notice that when you are consuming more of tea or coffee so the number of times that you need to go to the washroom also increases. Usually this is seen in people who have overactive bladders. High caffeine intake has been linked to increased urinary frequency and urgency in several studies. Reducing your intake may improve these symptoms.

Bottom line

So basically after studying these ill effects of caffeine, what can be said to conclude is that just having the right amount will not cause any harm. Excessive consumption is what leads to the root cause of the problem. Healthy caffeine practice shall be made.

Disadvantages of coffee only arise when the consumption is made on a higher level. Coffee health risks can be controlled just by keeping the content in controlled hands. Positive impacts of coffee must be taken into consideration.


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