5 Tips For Weight Loss

tips for weight loss

5 Tips For Weight Loss

Its good that you follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly but a few simple tricks can speed up your weight loss. There are some sneaky ways that can help you in reaching your fitness goals faster. You don’t need to do anything extra to follow these tips. Just remember them every time you sit down to eat or drink and you will definitely consume less calories than usual.

tips for weight loss

Be Veggie in Second Helping

You may be a hardcore non-veg food lover but you need to balance your daily intake with veggies to get a variety of nutrients. Vegetables are quiet light too. Once your plate is all set with the required food, enjoy it. If you feel like eating even when all the food on your plate is finished, take only vegetables. Remember to not make it more than 1/4th of you plate. Veggies make you feel full quicker and for longer. Use only low fat dressings in your salads and cook vegetables with minimal oil or butter.

Adulterate Your Juice

Eating pure and fresh is what is needed for good health and fitness. Sometimes adulterating may make you fitter though. The idea is to mix your juice with plain water. Juice is healthy but still has some calories. To cut down the calories and to still have the satisfaction of a full glass, just take half a glass of juice and top the rest of your glass with plain water.

Plate Control

portion control plate

The bigger your plate, the higher are your chances of eating more. The ideal size of the plate should be nine or ten inches. When you serve less, you are more likely to eat less. You can reduce the size of your glass in the same way. Do not reduce the size of your water glass rather when you make yourself a drink, alcohol or otherwise, pour them in tall and thin glasses. This way you have the satisfaction of a full glass of drink and still take less calories.

Break Your Fast in Morning

This is very important. You should never give your breakfast a miss. Heavy, low fat breakfast keeps you full till lunch time but if you skip it then you are highly likely to eat something fatty. It happens because hunger pangs become really strong and you end up eating whatever seems to be the easiest option.

Breakfast also gives you energy and keeps your metabolic rate high.

Serve Food from Kitchen

idli protein breakfast

Do not bring every food item to the dining table as it may make you eat more. When all food items are spread before you, you get more attracted towards them and eat more. Bring only the healthiest foods like salad and cooked veggies to the dining table. You will serve less and eat less.

Do you have any more tips for weight loss?

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