5 Tips To Stop Thinking You Are Fat


5 Tips To Stop Thinking You Are Fat

Do you know that your thoughts work quite well on your body than you expect? A recent study has also proved this regarding body weight. Women who think they are overweight even if they aren’t start increasing weight slowly with time. Another study showed that about 93% of women indulge in talking about being fat. Isn’t this shocking? Thinking you are fat even when you are not affects your body greatly. All these negative thoughts and this kind of behavior make you down, discouraging yourself and makes you hate your own body. You eventually lose self-confidence and this gives bad results when you actually don’t deserve it. If you are reading this, then you should stop thinking that way right now and encourage yourself instead. You should always be proud of whatever you are.


1. Get The Fact That Fat Isn’t A Feeling.

Next time you feel you are fat and you feel sad about it, remind yourself that fat isn’t a feeling. Something else could be bothering you. It could be our anger on someone, sadness about something, feelings of loneliness, etc. It can be anything because of anything. Try to understand what the problem is and then try to solve it. Motivate yourself and be confident about your body.

2. What Could Be The Problem Behind This Feeling? Figure It Out.

Something is there that is making you feel so about your body. Something is making you feel you are fat. You may be feeling so while looking at the mirror or while wearing certain clothes. You can even feel fat while meeting a certain person or while eating junk foods. These are common reasons behind this kind of feeling. If you can figure it out then you can easily solve it. If you feel so while having junk food, then avoid eating it. It is however unhealthy for you. If you feel fat while meeting a person, then think that the person is underweight. She should have healthy weight like you. There could be something wrong with the mirror; test it. Or that pair of clothes are just not good and suit you well; don’t wear it.

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3. You look great and fab. That is the policy; obey it.

Never allow yourself to say anything negative about yourself. Sometimes I hear girls talk negatively about self while complementing someone else. Never say your friends, “She looks fab but I look fat in this dress.” If you have to complement her, just say she looks fab but skip telling you look fat. You even shouldn’t allow anyone say that way about you.

4. Change your negative thoughts to positive.

Next time onwards, whenever you feel down, instead of telling yourself that you look fat, tell you love yourself and you look really gorgeous and stunning. You love yourself the way you are. If you don’t love the way you are, then who will? I’m not asking you to lie to yourself but to accept yourself; just be realistic.

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5. Be your own friend.

To treat yourself well, being your own friend is essential. Suppose you are shopping with your friend and she tries a tight outfit. You may just say that the dress doesn’t suit her and it doesn’t have proper cut. But if you are trying a tight outfit, you probably say yourself that your body is too fat for this outfit. Don’t be too harsh to yourself. Behave like you do with your friend. Tell yourself that this outfit isn’t lucky enough to suit you. That’s it.

You can motivate yourself this way but make sure you never feel bad about your body again. If you are really increasing your weight, then accept it positively and get your hands on a healthy diet and start some physical activity.

Stay positive and be happy.

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