5 Ways To Healthy Detox


  5 Ways To Healthy Detox

5 Ways To Healthy Detox

How To Detox In A Healthy Way…

What does detoxification mean? As the word itself suggests, it is a physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from ones body, which is mainly carried out by the liver which is the body’s natural detoxifier. It is basically a process in which the body lets go of most of the unwanted toxins acquired because of environmental pollution or excessive intake of junk, refined or other processed foods etc.

We explain here five basic and simple ways to rejuvenate one’s health through detoxification system.

  1. Focus on sleep:

5 ways to detoxOne should ensure adequate and quality sleep every night to maintain health. Sleeping rests our brain and helps it recharge and remove toxic waste that gets piled on throughout the day. One such toxic waste is beta-amyloid which gives birth to Alzheimer’s disease. Sleep deprivation can lead to building up of toxins which can affect our health adversely.

Poor sleep can lead to stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and obesity. One should sleep seven to eight hours per night. If there are problems of falling asleep at night, one can go for changing lifestyle and staying away from blue lights which are emitted from mobile and computer screens.

  1. Drinking plenty of water:

5 ways to detoxWater does much more than just quench our thirst. It helps regulate our body temperature, helps in digestion and detoxifies our body by removing waste. It also helps break down nutrients for the body to use energy. Water helps in removing waste products from the body through urination, sweating etc. The daily intake of water should be 3.7 litres for men and 2.7 litres for women.

  1. Get active:

5 ways to detoxRegardless of one’s age or weight, regular exercise should be a must for longer life and reduced risk of diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases etc. Exercising helps reduce inflammation which is necessary for recovering from infections or wounds. One should do at least 150-300 minutes a week of exercise like walking.

  1. Reduced intake of sugar and processed foods:

In today’s world, such foods are one of the major reasons of diseases. High intake of foods with high sugar content and processed foods leads to obesity and other chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart diseases etc. Such diseases harm organs like liver and kidneys that play a major role in detoxifying one’s body. Junk food should be replaced with healthier choices like fruits and vegetables which can help keep our body healthy.

  1. Limit alcohol:

5 ways to detoxA very high percentage of alcohol consumed gets metabolised in our liver as Acetaldehyde, a major cancer causing chemical. Our liver converts this chemical into Acetate, which is then thrown out from the body. Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to a lot of health problems, including damage to the liver, which hinders its working. Thus one should completely abstain from alcohol for healthy working of our liver.

So we have discussed 5 Ways To Healthy Detox in order to keep our system strong and healthy. Following these can help us lead our life disease-free. All we need to do is just control toxic habits. 

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