6 Easy Ways To Include Fruits And Vegetables In Your Diet

The Fruitarian Diet

6 Easy Ways To Include Fruits And Vegetables In Your Diet

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There are some people who love eating fruits and veggies and there are others who loath them!! You will find some in your own family!! Well, even if you don’t like eating fruits and veggies, there are ways to help you include them in your diet. It is important to have them because they provide you with fibre, potent antioxidants and phytochemicals. They are an essential part of a well balanced diet.

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Here are a few tricks that will help you get your daily fill of fruits and veggies without having to try too hard.

1) Have them with your breakfast


The best time to eat fruits is while having breakfast. If you like to eat the oats or cereal then you can easily add berries like strawberries, dried fruits and banana slices to your bowl. If you happen to eat the desi namkeen daliya, then you can add a lot of veggies into it like cabbage, beans and carrots. You can wash it all down with a glass of fresh juice. (No packaged juice please!) You can mix fruits and veggies to get a juice combination that tastes good.

2) Hide them in your omelet


You can always add a lot of veggies to pack your omelets with goodness. Tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, capsicum, green chilies can find a place in your fluffy omelet. You can also add a lot of veggies while making an egg scramble. Carrot, beans, cabbage and peas will taste good with the egg. You can have this for breakfast or for any other meal of the day.

3) Smoothie fun

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With temperature soaring, it would be fun to have a glass of chilled smoothie. Don’t confuse a smoothie with a milkshake. Smoothies have fruit as the foundation. You can try different combinations of fruit to get the best tasting smoothie. Berries are always a good choice. Add a little milk or yoghurt to the fruit to make things easy to blend. You can have it for breakfast, after a long day at work or probably as a dessert!

4) Get a dip

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Most people don’t get excited seeing a raw veggie platter but when an appetizing dip is placed along with it, things get interesting. You can create a party like look by placing something appetizing like a flavourful sauce of garlic, hot salsa, yummy hummus or creamy avocado dip. Make the dips at home so that you know what all is going into it.

5) Enjoy your dessert

fruit sorbet healthy italian food

Desserts are regarded as treats to be enjoyed once in a while but you can always indulge in fruit based desserts. You can have guilt free sweet treats that have fruits in them like sorbet, which is a frozen fruit sweet treat. Such desserts give you a refreshing feel and also provide an extra serving of fruit. You can always freeze bananas and strawberries after dipping them in dark chocolate. It is a fun way to enjoy fruits!

6) Eat fruits when outdoors

green apple- Know All About The Health Benefits Of Green Apples

If you are a busy bee, just pack a small box with grapes, berries and carrot. They serve as a good snack when you get hungry on the way. They are healthy and filling with the fibre they have to offer. You can carry an apple too and happily munch on it when hunger strikes.

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