6 Mind Blowing Facts About Dreaming


6 Mind Blowing Facts About Dreaming

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When you retire to bed after a hectic day all you want is some peaceful sleep. Is everyone that lucky? Nope! Some people end up writing their chemistry exam the whole night and wake up as tired as ever mentally! Do you get whacky dreams too? Several studies have been done in this line and so much has been discovered about the science of dreams.

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Mentioned below are some mind blowing facts about dreams:

1) You dream a lot in your lifetime

On an average a person has 1,00,000 dreams in his/her lifetime. So this means that you watch a few dozen dreams in one night. Sounds weird but this is true. It is just that you don’t remember them. Remembering dreams depends from person to person. Some people remember 1 or 2 dreams, some remember upto 15 dreams and there are also some who don’t remember even a single dream :P.

2) Your dreams help you learn

You would have heard people say that they have a problem and are planning to sleep over it! Sleeping does help you resolve issues. It is a scientifically proven fact that you learn while sleeping because the brain has the ability to teach itself when one is asleep.

The day’s events tend to affect your dreams. 86% of what takes place in your dreams is based on the day’s events. For instance if you happen to listen to a lecture in college you would probably dream about it at night and this would give you an opportunity to revise what you learned. In one study done at Harvard, people were made to try and solve a 3D maze. Those who napped for 90 minutes did better at their second chance than those who were awake.

3) Nightmares can prove to be lucky!

We all get nightmares!! I get really weird ones. Once I saw that someone had cut my hair short. The first thing I did after waking up the next morning was looking at the mirror! Oh what I relief!! Okay! I am a weirdo! But you must agree that the exam dreams are the worst! Most people get them and that after decades of finishing college!! But it isn’t something negative actually. In a study it was found that individuals who had nightmares of failing in the exam actually did well the next morning! Dreams reflect what you have been doing all day. If you have been stressed out about something important during the day it is bound to reflect in your dreams.

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4) You can dream in light sleep too

Prior belief was that a person dreams during REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep. This is not believed by researchers any more. You can dream even during light sleep. The dream contents do change according to the stage of sleep. Dreams tend to be more complex, visual, emotional and aggressive in REM sleep and this occurs late at night. During light sleep you may have lousy dreams just like the one I described to you that someone cut my hair short! 🙁

5) You remember dreams when you wake up at night

The chances of remembering your dream seem to be more when you happen to wake up at night just after seeing the dream. You would have heard people say that having a heavy meal before hitting the sack will make you dream more. The fact is that eating too much before bed time will make you wake up more in the middle of the night.

6) Dreams can be really long

Do you some of your dreams are a just a few seconds long? Do you also know that sometimes the dreams can be elaborate too? You may have scenes and episodes in them and such dreams are almost an hour long. Researchers have named it ‘epic dreaming’.

Ready to enjoy blissful dreams tonight?

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