6 Things You Should Not Be Doing To Your Body


6 Things You Should Not Be Doing To Your Body

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As the old saying goes, the body is the temple of one’s soul; it indeed is! The human body is a precious tool made available to us. It works for us day in and day out and what does it ask in return? A little bit of care, that’s it!

Ask yourself, do you care for your body? Do all of us really care for our body? Most often we listen to our mind rather than our body. By listening to the mind’s lies, assumptions and criticisms about our bodies, we let the mind dictate over the body. We tend to forget that it is social conditioning that moulds our thoughts.

The mind sees the body as something that serves our daily needs. What we fail to see is that there is something more to the body than what the mind shows us. There are activities like Yoga that help us move out of our minds and focus on our body. It is high time we became comfortable with our bodies.

Here is a list of the ways in which we are being unfair to our body:

1) Paying attention to dieting than thinking about nutrition

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The human body runs like an engine and every engine needs a steady supply of fuel to perform its level best. The chief source of fuel for the body is fuel. This means your diet should be nutritious and have a variety of nutrients to offer. It is pretty disheartening to see people become preys of fad diets just to look like a Greek God or Goddess. The focus is on looks and not on supporting the body’s functioning. The body just requests us to provide it with balanced amounts of nutrients.

2) Refusing to give the body a treat

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How should one give the body a treat? Cooking your favourite dish and having a yummy dessert! These things can bring immense pleasure to us. But in spite of knowing about the pleasure occasional indulgence can bring to our body, we assume that indulgence can be bad for us! If we really want to be healthy, we should be allowing ourselves such pleasures. Come on, almonds dipped in chocolate will not make one overweight! Make healthy choices but don’t give on occasional indulgence.

3) Worshiping body types hyped by media

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Fact alert!! Not all of us have the figure that is portrayed in the media. Bodies come in different shapes and sizes. It is not important that we should look like celluloid Goddesses. Our bodies are unique and special in their own way!

4) Mocking at skinny people

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Skinny people too are targets of comments and judgments. They are called ‘anorexic’, ‘body obsessed’ and what not. I have been through that phase of life when I was the centre of most jokes. People used to say ‘You better eat something, you look like a skeleton’. It was as if they knew my body’s needs better than me. Even people who are too lean have the right to live a life free of others’ judgments.

5) Judging others in spite of being aware of the societal pressure


The society has set up a certain beauty standard and to conform to it people do a whole lot of things. It is difficult to accept and love our body at times. Stop judging people for wearing a particular dress or wearing high heels. In a nut shell, live and let live.

6) Treating beauty as an appearance rather than a state of mind

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‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, what looks pretty to some may not seem pretty to others. It is a matter of perception. Beauty transcends the body, it is more about intelligence, compassion, attitude, humour and kindness. It is about the state of one’s mind.

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