6 Yoga Poses For Sexy Abs


6 Yoga Poses For Sexy Abs

Happy New Year to you all,

Likewise, you get muscles with yoga, you can easily achieve that ripped abs, thanks to Yoga. You need not do heavy weight lifting or those 2000 crunches to break your back, with a proper nutritious diet you can very well achieve flat stomach and a great toned look. I will tell you some good core exercises practiced in Yoga which helps you focus on that washboard tummy. Yoga is universal, it gives you beauty, health, fit body and not to forget a calm mind. FYI, I was feeling very low sometime back (may be I was’nt eating right); so I jumped out of my seat and did straight 10 surya namaskars and went for a refreshing jog. I feel great now.

Some asanas to give you those abs; but before you start your yoga regime at home, make sure you warm up properly with some surya namaskars. Only a warmed up body can get you develop a flat stomach:

1. Boat pose:

boat pose- Yoga for sexy abs

One of the tough asanas, makes your stomach almost rumble and vibrate. If that happens, that is your pose working on your abs. Initially you may find it a bit difficult to do it, but then you can try a half boat pose, in which you can just lift your body up till the wait, without moving your legs. A word of caution, women during pregnancy should not be performing this and if you are menstruating, avoid on heavy flow days.

2. Bridge Pose:

bridge pose yoga for sexy abs

This pose works well for your jelly belly, it tightens those muscles and people with back pain can perform this to get relieved of a heavy work out. To perform this asana, lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor and  hip apart, arms on the sides. Lift your butt off the floor, so your body looks like a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. Squeeze your butt and abs, hold for few seconds. You may want to repeat again.

3.  Mermaid Pose:

mermaid pose yoga for sexy abs

Get rid of those handles, sides which also aid in getting toned abs. In this pose you lie on one side of your butt, lift your thighs one side, and simultaneously lift your arms off the floor. This pose would require a lot of balance and mind you that butt will hurt for a while. Repeat on the other side. Get best results by repeating the sets at least twice.

4. Plank pose (with a variation):

plank pose yoga for sexy abs

The plank pose is a great abs buster and believe it or not, it is a yoga move now fondly performed in gyms and fitness classes. In this pose; while you are in the plank position, try getting your knee up to your chest; do it slowly and one by one. Repeat 10-15 repetitions. Get those crackling abs.

5. Side plank:

side-plank-yoga for sexy abs

The side plank is one of the most beneficial asana, I have used it at all the times, and it is mentioned in my previous post, in how to tone through yoga. Try an extended side plank by lifting your body over your hand.

6. Cobra Pose:

cobra-pose-yoga for sexy abs

A cobra pose is performed during a surya namaskar, it helps you getting rid of back problems. It also helps in toning up that belly. It is best yoga pose for lower abs exercise, it helps in flattening the stomach. Never do these poses if you are on a full stomach.

Apart from your daily exercises, your diet needs to be low in high sugars and sodium, so skip those crisps and packaged desserts. Sip on some green tea, chamomile and ditch those daily cups of sugar laden coffees.

Till then,

Happy New Year to all.


Do try the 6 Yoga Poses For Sexy Abs!

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