7 Best Benefits Of Brahmi


7 Best Benefits Of Brahmi


Brahmi is a plant that is used in Ayurveda. It is a powerful herb that is known to enhance memory and combat stress. The word ‘brahmi’ is derived from the name of the Vedic God of creation ‘Brahma’. It literally means Brahma’s energy. Medicinally the herb has a lot to offer. Brahmi  helps the body in adapting itself to new or stressful situations.

Brahmi health benefits

1) Promotes brain health

It is quite common to see the elderly getting affected by memory loss. They may also face age related degradation of the brain. Brahmi contains active compounds that positively affect the brain cells that helps in regeneration of brain tissue. More research is needed in this direction. There has been a rat study where brahmi has shown promising effects on Alzheimer’s. It is also found to be a good antidepressant. It prevents neurodegenaration.

Redness and swelling can be caused due to any kind of illness or irritation and it can happen in any part of the body. If it happens in the brain, it is very dangerous. Brahmi is known to be able to combat this problem. Reasearch says that brahmi is effective in managing the brain’s systemic redness.

2) Enhances liver health

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Brahmi’s benefits are not restricted to the brain. It is also good for the liver. The liver is the main organ of the body that performs detoxification. Brahmi’s health promoting compounds are useful in encouraging the function of the liver that is affected by toxins. With the presence of toxins all around us it becomes essential that we should seek refuge in natural ways to support the function of the liver.

3) Helpful in controlling opiod dependence

In order to manage pain, doctors are known to prescribe morphine and other opiods. They may be effective but are highly addictive in nature. Patients of chronic pain most often suffer from depression too and are more prone to get addicted. Brahmi has compounds that have proven to be helpful in reducing the intoxication and enhance the benefits of morphine. The body’s organs are also offered protection by Brahmi from the toxic effects of opiods.

4) Maintains normal blood pressure

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Brahmi helps in maintaining normal blood pressure by increasing the utilization of nitric oxide in the body and by encouraging vascular muscle function. Though brahmi is not famous for this, it still does a good job in maintaining a normal blood pressure.

5) It is a strong antioxidant

Researchers are constantly in the search of natural foods that have a strong antioxidant property. Their findings say that brahmi is a good antioxidant. It has been found to protect against oxidative damage that is caused by free radicals. This particular herb is also known to enhance the antioxidant activity in the kidneys.

6) Helps in treatment of asthma

Brahmi extract contains substances that have been found to be helpful in inhibiting the formation of calcium ions thus being effective in treating asthma.

7) Reduces stress

Stress Management  8 Ways To Reduce Stress (2)

Stress is the buzz word these days. People try out so many things to get rid of stress from their lives but it does not seem to budge at times. Brahmi when studied on rats has found to relieve stress. Hope someday it shows a positive effect in human trials and be available as a stress relieving tonic!

Availability of brahmi

It is a available as an extract, in the form of a tablet, tincture and also in powder form. You can also have it in the form of a tea.

When not to use brahmi

Do not use brahmi if

  • You are getting an estrogen replacement therapy done
  • You consume birth control pills
  • You consume phenothiazine

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