7 Best Diet Switches To Control Stubborn Fat

health benefits of nuts

7 Best diet switches to control stubborn fat

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When I was in college I heard that it would be better to work smart rather than to work hard. No, the noble thought was not from the Professors but from the student fraternity!! Today I feel it was rather too true. Oh well, never too late to learn so I am applying this formula for those who want to get rid of the extra pounds. Now you should start eating smart instead of eating less! Yes, by making certain diet switches you can get rid of stubborn fat.

Most of the switches are easy! Here we go!!!!

1) Switch breadcrumbs with rolled oats or bran cereal


You have replaced white bread for whole grain and white rice for brown but there are more swaps you can make to increase your whole grain consumption. When you make patties you can switch breadcrumbs with rolled oats or crushed bran cereal. People who increased their whole grain consumption have been found to be more likely to lose fat. Being high in fibre, whole grains keep you full.

2) Switch butter with avocado

New_fats that make you fit_avocados

Seems to be a bit surprising but you won’t feel any difference in taste. Suppose you need to add butter to a recipe (baking) try replacing half the butter quantity with mashed avocado. This way you will reduce fat content by 40% and cuts lots of calories. You can still enjoy the creaminess of butter and the fatty taste. This switching of butter with avocado can be helpful in fighting belly fat.

3) Switch rice with cauliflower


Low carb dieters love cauliflower as it is low in carbs! You can actually use it to substitute rice. You can either use a food processor or a simple hand grater to chop down the florets of the cauliflower into rice-sized grains. You can then sauté them in healthy olive oil. Eat it just like how you eat rice. Being low in GI than rice, cauliflower won’t cause insulin spikes that lead to carb cravings.

4) Switch lettuce with spinach

popeye spinach weight loss

Any veggie is good if you want to lose weight but it would be better to choose dark green leafy veggies than lettuce (iceberg lettuce). Though the fibre levels are same, spinach has more nutrients in it. It has higher iron content and 3 times more folic acid than iceberg lettuce. Folate can help lose 8 times more weight than a low cal diet can.

5) Switch sour cream with yoghurt


If you make dips out of sour cream, it is time to replace them with yoghurt. Yoghurt has less fat and calories and is good calcium source. Research says that eating 3 servings of yoghurt in a day helps in losing 81% more of belly fat than those who eat it just once a day. It is also good for your gut flora as it has healthy bacteria in it. So, switch sour cream with healthy yoghurt.

6) Switch milk chocolate with dark chocolate

dark chocolate

Whenever you crave chocolate always remember to bite into dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has more of cocoa so definitely more goodness than milk chocolate in which the milk and sugar content are more. You will feel satiated with dark chocolate and portion control will also be easier.

7) Switch fries with nuts and seeds

health benefits of nuts

When you crave for something crunchy, ditch the fries and grab the nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds have monounsaturated fats. As per research eating two or more servings of nuts a week reduce the chances of weight gain. Nuts have a lot of calories, so you have to control portion. You can have walnuts, pistachios, almonds, pumpkin seeds or whatever you like. Don’t go in for fried or salted ones. Roasted and plain ones are the best. It would be a good snack along with your favourite TV show.

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