7 Times When You Should Wash Your Hands Without Fail!


7 Times When You Should Wash Your Hands Without Fail!

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I am notorious for washing hands! At my home this is one hilarious topic and everyone laughs at me. But I abide by my principles and wash my hands before eating, cooking and after touching anything that is dirty! Well, that us my nature right from childhood. No, I don’t have a hand wash mania 😛 Now, I am going to tell you something that will be useful for you. Are you aware that there are more than 5000 germs on your hands at this moment? You won’t believe me because you can’t see them with your naked eyes. Had you been able to see than you would have gone right away to wash your hands and get rid of them! The thing is that just because they are not visible it doesn’t mean that they are not there!

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Now here is when you must wash your hands without fail.

1) Before eating

You must wash your hands before eating without fail. Otherwise, it is just like gobbling down thousands of germs into your system along with a bite of your meal. Just imagine what all and where all you have touched with your hands. Do you want to ingest harmful germs that can make you sick?

2) Before cooking

Yes, if you cook food for your family with lots of love, you should be cautious about washing your hands prior to it every time. You don’t want the germs to get into the food of your loved ones, do you?

3) After using the bathroom

Bathroom is one place that has the maximum number of germs and you know why 😉 Please wash your hands with soap after every time you use the loo. Every time you flush the toilet, a fine mist of droplets filled with germs get splashed on everything in the bathroom, right from the door knobs to the sink. So, it is mandatory to wash your hands after you use the loo for whatever purpose ;). Remember to use the soap!

Germs hygiene myths and facts

4) After coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose

When you have a sore throat, cold or a flu it is probably because of bacteria or virus. So, each time you sneeze, blow your nose or cough, you are probably spreading the germs around and other people will catch them. So each time you sneeze or cough wash your hands after it or else you will be spreading infection onto every object you touch.

5) After handling garbage

At the end of the day you usually go out to throw the garbage that gets collected at home. There are a lot of germs in the garbage as it starts getting decomposed. So, please wash your hands after you throw the garbage or accidentally touch it.

6) After you play with pets

A good workout buddy-your pet pushups

It is needless to say that pets carry a lot of germs. So, after rubbing your hands on your dog’s fur or getting a big lick from him on your hand, please ensure that you wash your hands.

7) Before and after visiting anyone who is sick

You should wash your hands before visiting someone who is ill, because the germs on your hands can make them even sicker as their immunity is weak. You must also wash your hands after paying them a visit or the germs that you got from them might harm you.

Hope this post was useful!

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