7 Ways To Become Really Sexy


7 Ways To Become Really Sexy

Oooh la la , this post is the spicy start to the coming week 😉 . I have never written such a post , so no ahem ahem puhlease 😛 . Some people think lean girls ONLY can be sexy!  I don’t believe in it. In fact , a fuller woman looks way sexier than a skinny skeleton. God has given women curves for a purpose , hell yeah !

In my opinion sexiness is an element of ATTITUDE rather than the shape of body. Let’s see how you can achieve sexiness –

7 Ways To Become Really Sexy

The below picture needs no introduction. Anamika is a doting mother, a loving wifey and a wonderful daughter. Her attitude is that of a diva , oozing sexiness all the time 😉 . Btw, did you notice temperature raised suddenly 😛 ?

7 Ways To Become Really Sexy

1.Find your happiness in yourself, not in others

You don’t need someone’s approval to be happy. A woman who knows to smile despite the odds, spreads so much positivism which immediately strikes attraction towards her.

Do what makes you happy.. if its jumping on the bed or dancing like maniacs in front of TV, go ahead !

2. Take Charge Of Your Life

This certainly does not mean that you become a rebel and go out of the way from your family. But if that makes you happy, go ahead. You are the best judge of what makes you happy.

There is nothing more attractive in a woman who can take her own decisions. Sure, take important decisions of your life with the consent of people who are important in your life. But what about tiny winy everyday decisions like what to cook today ? What to wear to office today ?

Lemme a share a real incident. One of my colleague few years back, called up her husband to seek permission to buy a 300 rs lipstick. I was shocked ! I know I am single and perhaps don’t understand much about how the house runs but I certainly don’t accept that for 300 rs , one needs to seek permission, especially if you are working in an MNC and earning well. I asked my colleague politely in an indirect way to which she replied that her hubs thinks spending on makeup is a waste of money. She went on to disclose that he doesn’t feel this way for beer though, that he drinks every weekend. I had no words to say, sigh !

3. Love Thy Body Love Thyself

I can write essays on this line and bore you to death 😀 . I am a firm believer and follower of “Main meri favorite hoon” … today and always. Have done a fun post here, I will appreciate if you read 🙂
Dress for yourself

We all dress for special family/friend circle occasions.. for special people in our lives….for professional meetings…what about dressing for yourself ? Do you care for what you feel great in ?

If you feel comfortable and sexy in what you wear, people will also feel the same about you. Dress up or dress down for yourself and do it often. Try it and see the difference 🙂

4. Cook yourself your favorite dish

Food is one of the best sensual experience (yes you read it right). Food deserves to be felt with fingers, smelled with nostrils, enjoyed with your taste buds. Eating food give you a realization of being ALIVE ! Cook your favorite dish often and enjoy it.

5. Have your ME time often

You always need sometime for your own self. Do whatever you want in your ME time. I usually like to ponder when I want to be alone and my thoughts take me for a ride in some other world. Some people go for a walk with none but their only self and walk with the flow without planning directions. Some people read a book and they enjoy it.

To be aware of your own self, is one of the biggest purpose of human life !

6. Pamper Yourself

Pampering starts with doing something for yourself whether its applauding yourself with a gift 😉 , or going for a massage or to a spa/parlor for some beauty chores.

7. Feel Sensuous

Being sensuous doesn’t mean ONLY stripping your clothes 😛 . It can be anything from lighting candles, listening to soft music, taking an aromatic/luxurious bath etc. Shopping and wearing sexy lingerie is a sure shot way of feeling sensuous 😉 . n who said that only married ladies or girls in a relationship can do so 😛 ?

Do you have some more ways to become really sexy ? Share with us !